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Monday, August 15, 2011

Swim lessons

My parents offered to pay for swim lesson this summer which we knew that the girls needed.  We found someone who would come to the house and it worked out nicely.  We planned 8 classes (30 minutes for Caty and 15 for Hanna) and finished them in 4 weeks.  The lessons were on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we’d just spend the night out at my parents instead of driving back and forth.

The girls did great – except for the fact that Hanna cried for most of the lessons.  Nick was a super nice, very kid friendly guy but she just didn’t like him much.  She’s go to him but cry for most of the 15 minutes.  Oh well, she survived and loves the pool!

Caty went from not liking getting her face wet to being able to swim almost the width of the pool in one breathe – next she’ll need to work on being able to take a breathe while swimming. 

We mainly just wanted Hanna to be comfortable being in the water and not minding going under.  She loves jumping off the steps and off the side.  We have to remind  her to say “I’m jumping” because she will whether you are watching her or not. 

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We’ve got two little fishies on our hands now!


The Wymer Clan said...

Yay Caty! Love the pics of the girls swimming, love how Hanna didn't want to do the lesson but still liked jumping in. Next year she'll probably be off and swimming too!

Emily said...

How awesome that someone came right to your parents' house for lessons! The girls sound like they made amazing progress in just 4 weeks.

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