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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not much news here...

Well, we don't have much news to share, but I thought I would do a post anyways.

Hanna will be 3 weeks tomorrow. She is doing well. She is eating like there is no tomorrow, unlucky for me, as I'm the milk source around here. If I do get out, I'm pretty much have to stay close by so I can get home if and when she needs to eat. We have yet to introduce the bottle - they say after 3 or 4 weeks - so anyday now. She is sleeping pretty well. At night, we'll get about a 3 hour stretch out of her, not too bad. She's usually up around 1:30 and then again around 5:00, give or take. So if you're up at those times you might find me on Facebook, as Ellen did one night. I think it was around 4:00 that we chatted one night. You ask why am I on Facebook? Well, when I do wake up to nurse her, afterwards I find myself quite hungry, so I grab a snack before heading back to bed.

Back to Hanna - over all she's a pretty happy baby, unless she's getting her diaper or outfit changed, then she SCREAMS and SCREAMS and SCREAMS some more!!

Caitlyn just loves her new job as big sister. Although she does have her moments – a little bit of jealousy going on. It’s got to be hard, going from having ALL THE ATTENTION, to having to share it – with Hanna getting quite a bit more of it. But Caty is quite the helper – she helps with throwing the dirty diapers into the diaper pail, she sings to Hanna and tries to entertain her. She’s doing a great job!

That’s about it for us – not much else to report. Enjoy the pictures!

Hanna - 2 weeks


Caty helping rock Hanna

Helping with bathtime

The girls in their jammies

Our Caty Bug


Play with me sissy!


My girls playing

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hanna is Here!

Hanna arrived on Friday June 5th at 4:53 AM - after a total of 21 hours in labor and 3.5 of those hours were spent pushing. She weighed in at 8 lbs even and measured 19 3/4 inches. I had come down with a fever during labor, which indicated an infection, so our stay was extended to 48 hours and I was on antibiotics for my stay. Hanna had slight jaundice and her levels have been decreasing since we've been home.

We are adjusting well and enjoying every minute with our two girls. Caitlyn is totally in love with her little sister and has become quite the helper - as we knew that she would.

We can't wait for everyone to meet our new little princess!