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Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday – January 28th 2011

We are flashing back today to January 28th of 2006 when Caty was 10 months old

DSC02547 DSC02505 DSC02507 DSC02513 DSC02519 DSC02536

And pictures from January 28th of last year when Hanna was 7 months old

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042 005

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Attack of the Bubbles!

If you recall from my post “Our trip to Reno” Hanna got a bubble machine for the bathrub from Grandpa.  We set it up and let the bubbles blow. 

Here the girls are enjoying the bubbles


And then Hanna got too close and FREAKED OUT!!  This is why…


Let’s just say that bathtime was over for her!

She’s since learned to not sit so close and enjoy them from a distance!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our trip to Reno

We headed up to Reno to see Scott’s dad on the Sunday before Martin Luther Kings birthday.  We headed out and sure enjoyed the beauty of the Sierra Nevada’s. 

020 012 014 019

We stopped in Truckee for lunch and the girls got to touch some snow; which caused Hanna to repeat snow over and over and over again. 

018 015


We arrived in Reno and the weather was AMAZING!  It was actually warmer in Reno (who’s average in January is about 35*) than it was at our house.  I think that it got to about 65* that day.  We headed out to the park and had fun feeding the ducks and playing. 


Caty helping Daddy out

  044 045 047

And Hanna found something to dig in!





049 050

Notice how the ducks are walking on the still frozen pond but then swimming in the other part.  A few more days of that warm weather and I’m sure it was thawed out. 


026 027 028 031 032 033

The girls got to open their Christmas presents from Grandpa

Caty got a Tangled doll and LOVES it (as does Hanna – so it stays in Caty’s room)


And Hanna got a musical bubble blower for the tub (post about this to follow)


We had a great time and both girls slept on the way home.  YAY!!

Long Overdue

This post is way past due – Caitlyn’s Kindergarten school pictures.  Friday was the 100th day of school so she’s over halfway through the school year and getting closer to 1st grade – thought it was about time I posted this. 

Kindergarten 1

Simple Woman’s Daybook – January 24th 2010

For today – January 24th 2011

Outside my window... it’s sunny and the birds are chirping; it’s even supposed to be about 60* this afternoon. 

I am thinking...  about the different blog posts that I still need to post, as if my posts from our San Diego trip weren’t enough to keep everyone busy for awhile.  :-)

I am thankful for... the fact that Hanna has FINALLY been sleeping through the night.  I know that I probably just jinxed myself but it’s something that I’m VERY thankful for.

I am wearing... Sweatshirt and pants

I am creating... a new picture insert for my photo coffee mug

I am going to… catch up on blog posts this morning after posting this. 

I am reading... Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult.

I am hoping...  that this nice weather continues, I think that it’s supposed to. 

I am hearing... Hanna playing with her kitchen and slurping “wawer” from her cup and saying “all gone.”

Around the house...  not much going on – the house is clean, laundry is done (well, the next load isn’t big enough to go in yet), Hanna is happily playing by herself.

One of my favorite things... is the spring like weather that we’ve been having the past week – I’m not a fan of the cold weather and am anxiously awaiting springtime!!

A few plans for the rest of the week…  nothing exciting today, Tuesday or Wednesday except for school.  Thursday afternoon I have a meeting with some of the other officers from our LPA chapter at a secret location to discuss with the owners of that location a fundraiser that I’m putting on for the chapter.  I’m so super excited about it and when you find out what it is, you’ll understand why I’m so excited!  Then on Saturday we have an officers meeting for our chapter, mainly to discuss hotel locations for our fall regional that we are hosting.  We’ve got two hotels that we’ve got to lay out the options for each and see where that brings up. 

A picture that I am sharing...

Caty and her gingerbread man – I found a kit at Michaels and we brought it down to San Diego with us.  Needless to say we brought it back home as well, unopened.  So we finally got around the making them.  Caty enjoyed decorating it but not eating it. 



Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas in San Diego – Part 1

I did it again – I had to split our trip up into different blog posts so I didn’t overwhelm you with a LONG post. 

This year we headed to San Diego  to spend Christmas with my brother and his family.  My parents headed down a few days before we did.  We knew that with such a long drive – about 9 hours – that we would need to split the drive up.  Scott’s best friend lives in Fresno so we headed there for our first night – it was about a 4 hour trip from our house – not too bad.  We got to meet their daughter Emily for the first time. 

012 009

The next morning we headed out for the longer drive.  We left Fresno around 9:30 and pulled into Oceanside around 5:15 – yes it took us that long.  I don’t think that there is any way that you can not hit LA traffic.  Even at getting into the area around 2:00 it was crazy.  It took us about 2.5 hours to go 60 miles – from Burbank to Irvine.  Ok so we did take a little detour and drove by the entrance to Disneyland, but still. 

We finally arrived in Oceanside and here’s where my different blogs come in.

Arriving in San Diego – Part 2

Christmas Eve – Part 3

Merry Christmas – Christmas Morning – Part 4

Christmas Day at the Conklins – Part 5

All Good Things Must Come to an End  -Part 6

POLP Get Together – Part 7

Visit with Scott’s Family – Part 8

Visit with Scott’s Family – Part 8

Our next stop was a visit with Scott’s family.  His mom, Sandra, Tutu to the girls and her husband Mark happen to live in Oceanside so we had planned to spend a night with them.  Scott’s sister, Christine, her husband Cliff and daughter Desiree came down for the day from the Irvine area.  This was the first time that we got to meet Desiree, who is now 3 months old.


Opening presents


Hanna LOVED her doll house!!

306 311


Me and Desiree

312 314

Tutu and her girls

316 317

Uncle Scott and Desiree


Hanna had a terrible time sleeping most the week that we were gone.  This night spent with Scott’s family was by far the worst!  We had had plans to drive out to Hesperia, which is where Scott grew up and spend the night with one of his childhood friends and his family.  We hadn’t seen them since 1999, before either of us had kids; which they have 4 of now.  But with such a horrible night we decided that the best thing was to drive home.  I called Jill and being a mom she totally understood.  So we made plans to visit with them when we are done in July for the LPA National Convention. 

We headed out around 9:30 that morning and we finally made it home around 9:30 that night.  Yes my friends, 12 hours of driving!!  Ok, so we only actually drove for 9 of those hours, which is right on track for the distance from San Diego.  We made sure that we stopped every 2 hours and got out and stretched.  With all of the stops that we made, it equaled up to 3 hours.  The girls were troopers, spent pretty much the whole time watching movies (thanks Trish for all those movies you gave us!).  On the way down, Caty was the bigger pain in the butt than Hanna.  We told her that on the way home, if she wanted to come back down for the National Convention, that she’d better learn to live in the car.  And yes, she questioned that “live in the car?” 

About halfway home, when I was changing her diaper I noticed that she was getting 2 molars and a tooth in the front – no wonder she was crabby!  I would be too! 

We had a fabulous time seeing everyone but we sure were glad to be home!!