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Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday - September 14th 2012


Hanna riding on Caty's horse that Papa made her back in 2006

Caty in 2006 when she got her ride on horse


Hanna and the dirt - man she loves that stuff!

Saw Josh Thompson, Craig Campbell and Josh Gracin at Stoney's


Hanna playing with Glowie

Hanna and Nana

Hanging out in the Bumbo


Nice hair Caty


At Nana and Papa's house for the weekend


Chilling with Jinx


Feeding time!!  Nom...nom...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun with Cousins

My brother and his family came to town for a visit over July 4th - yeah I know...I'm WAY behind in my blog posts.  Caty and Hanna were so excited to see their cousins Riley and Reese.  

Hanna followed Reese everywhere

Yay for cousins being together!!

Group hug!!

Caty and Uncle Todd

3 cool chicks!

Tea party time!

Nana, Papa and their girls

Sparkler fun

Ice cream time!

Where's Papa?


Nana and Reese

Floating Hanna

My brother and his beautiful family <3 p="p">
Check out that soggy diaper!!

Popsicle time!

A little hallway bowling

And lots of hugs!

Family picture

Arts and craft time

Hanna sure looks happy here but Nana was up with Hanna most of the night because of a fever

Hanna came home bright and early the next morning so she missed out on the bike ride to the library

Todd, Erin and the girls, including Caty came over later in the day to hang out with us

More fun times with cousins - even the baby that I watch got to join in

Reese and Cameron playing

Caty and Riley playing Riley's MOST FAVORITE GAME - Zingo!

Sure wish that we got to see Todd, Erin, Riley and Reese more often...San Diego is just too far of a drive.