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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anaheim – Part 4 – DAAA Soccer

Monday was the day that the DAAA (Dwarf Athletic Association of America) had their soccer games going on so we headed out to watch.  It also happened to fall on the 4th of July
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They had about 5 fields of soccer games going on – what a great time! 
The one team that I wanted to see was the Statemen – they are THE team!  They competed in the World Dwarf Games in 2009 which took place in Belfast Ireland.  They took home the gold medal in Basketball.  You might know two of the players on the team – Zach Roloff from the TLC show Little People Big World and Marty Klebba who starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 

Here’s Caty posing in front of the goal with Marty in the background


Caty and I got to meet Marty last year in Nashville and spent a few minutes chatting with him - what a friendly, down to earth guy.

He’s an awesome soccer player
Amy Roloff is the coach
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The next World Dwarf Games will be in 2013 and will be held in Michigan
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Molly Roloff took her turn at a shootout with Marty
Mr Caden – I love this kid!
One of our chapter members, Danny competed on the team the Outlawz
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Future DAAA players – Caden the goalie and Caty the forward
120 122
Talked with Amy Roloff for a few minutes after the matches – such a nice person!  Afterward, once everyone was back home, she actually took the time to comment on this picture of them on Facebook
Caty can’t wait until 2014 when the National will be held in San Diego and she can compete in the DAAA games!


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