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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anaheim – Part 1 – And We’re Off

During the first week of July we headed to Anaheim for the Little People of America Convention .  Ok, so we cheated and didn’t actually register for the convention… that’s another story.

We headed out by 5:45 am – made for a long day but we got to Scott’s sisters house (which became out home away from home for the week) by 2 in the afternoon.

 001 002

Caty read an entire Junie B Jones book on the drive down


Hanna trying out Desiree’s chair and teasing Gabby with some sort of snack


Found a park down the street to have some fun at

007 011 012 014

Caty and Desiree



Tutu and her girls



Kristie said...

I love Hanna's hair on the slide. Way to go Caty for reading. Junie B Jones books are Kaylie's fave as well.

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