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Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple Woman’s Daybook – September 12th 2011

For today – September 12th 2011

Outside my window...  it’s sunny and finally not too hot!! 

I am thinking… about the amazing Country in the Park concert yesterday – it was the biggest day in my friends the Chris Gardner Band career and I’m so glad that Caty and I were there to be a part of it!

I am thankful for... my friends and family!  Love them all!!

In the kitchen… not much is happening in there at 2 in the afternoon

I am wearing... shorts and a top

I am creating... a few blog posts – still working on the post with the pictures from the fundraiser.  I was hoping to get a copy of a Chris Gardner original but that isn’t going to happen so I’ll have to use another song.

I am going to…  head out in a few with Hanna to pick up Caty from school

I am wondering… if all of you are having a fabulous day?

I am reading... nothing, haven’t started a new book yet

I am hoping... for a win at Bunco tomorrow night

I am hearing... David Nail singing “Let It Rain”

Around the house… Hanna is running back and forth between the living room and her room.  She’ll come to me and say goodnight, run into her room and get into bed, then come back to tell me that she’s awake.

A few plans for the rest of the week…  heading to some friends house for Monday night football, dinner and drinks – Tuesday Caty’s got a dentist appointment in the afternoon and then I’m heading out to Bunco.  Not much else going on until Saturday morning when I have a Fall Regional Planning meeting.

A picture that I’m sharing…


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stay tuned for Country in the Park ….

Tomorrow Country in the Park 2011 takes place right around the corner from our house.  Caty and I will be going and it’s going to be FABULOUS!!!

My friends, the Chris Gardner Band will be opening the show. 

The other artists performing are:

Jaron and The Long Road to Love who sings “I Pray For You”

Love and Theft who sing “Dancing in Circles”

Steve Holy who sings “Love Don’t Run”

Brett Eldredge who sings “Raymond”

Joe Nichols – my favorite songs of his are a toss up between “Gimmie That Girl” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”

And the Headliner is Billy Currington!!!  Some of my favorite songs of his are “Must Be Doin Something Right”, “Let Me Down Easy”  and his newest “Love Done Gone”,

It’s going to be an AMAZING show!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Caty the 1st Grader…

School started on August 10th for Caty and she couldn’t have been more excited.  To say that she loves school is an understatement.  Scott and I are both so happy that she enjoyed it so much. 

On the Friday before school started, the class lists were posted.  We were thrilled that Caty would be in the same class as her friend Kylie and Aubrey – the girls have been together since they started preschool at age 3.

Caty and Kylie at Caty’s 4th birthday party


Caty and Aubrey


When we saw the lists, we also found out that Caty would have two teachers this year.  Mrs Buettner and Mrs Olcomendy have been team teaching for 7 years now.  I got a call from Mrs Buettner on that same Friday night and we chatted about close to half and hour.  We set up a meeting for the day before school started, just to make sure that everything was ready for Caty and for us to all meet in person.

All ready to go!!

 022 023

Waiting for us to leave


Proud to be an Antelope Meadows Wildcat


Loves her homework


And just after 2 weeks into the school year she already knew all of the 100 sight words for 1st grade. 


Have a wonderful school year Caty bug!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday – September 2nd 2011

September 1st 2010

Hanna doing a little cooking


Caty moved from a toddler bed to a twin


September 1st 2009

Naptime for the girls

012 011

September 1st 2008

LPA weekend at the cabin

 100_5919 100_5925 100_5938  100_5957

Copy of 100_5943

September 1st 2007

At the cabin again

me and caty 100_3206   100_3235 100_3247

September 1st 2006

Playing with the ball popper and Jinx


September 1st 2005

Hanging out on the hammock at the cabin


Sucking on her arm – she never took a pacifier just sucked on her arm and yes, she’d leave hickies