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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

POLP Swim Meet-Up

I met Sarah Frey on Facebook shortly after her daughter Tessa was born and diagnosed with Achondroplasia – so maybe 14-15 months ago.  They lived on the East Coast and we met them in person in Nashville at the LPA National Convention last summer.  They recently moved from the east coast to the west coast (Arizona) however Sarah grew up in Escalon, which is a tiny town in the central valley of CA and and along the way to our cabin in Pinecrest. 

Sarah let myself and Melisa know that she and Tessa would be out in CA and passing through Sacramento in July.  Melisa invited us, along with Kerri and Madilynn (who couldn’t make it) to get together for a POLP (parents of little people) get together at their community pool.

Tessa is quite the cutie and was very shy – it was a short amount of time that we were together so we didn’t get to see her as her mom described her – full of energy and non-stop talking.

Here’s Hanna cruising around


Aidan taking a break

004 006

Caty telling Aidan to come swim with me – although it was more walking around because the pool was only a foot deep

008 009

Caty and Hanna talking to Tessa


Miss Tessa

013 014

Aidan, Caty and Tessa


Tessa showing off her pink toenails

016 017 018


Looking forward to hopefully seeing Sarah and Tessa at our District 12 Regional in October!!


Kerri said...

so sad we missed it!! looks like you had so much fun!

Emily said...

Yay for POLP get-togethers! Tessa is a doll! So glad the kids had a great time swimming together.

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