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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anaheim – Part 3 – Beach Day followed by a visit with family

The most important thing for us to do while in Southern Ca was to spend as much time with our LPA “family” as we could so on Sunday, when there wasn’t much going on at the hotel, I planned a day out in Huntington Beach.  HB is about 15 miles from where the Convention Hotel was, but being a Sunday, everyone under the sun was heading there as well.  We swung by the hotel and picked up the Wise family and it took us over an hour to get to HB and find somewhere to park.  We’re lucky we left when we did because a few other families left 10 minutes after us and it took them 2 hours to get there – don’t you just love Southern CA and it’s traffic!

Caty and Trisha checking out the water


Caty and Caden  - friends for life!


She didn’t care that the water was so cold – I’ll take Maui ocean over CA anyday!


Caden and his cars!


Hanna having fun

049 050 054 057 059

Caty and Liz – they became great friends during the week


Avery heading off to check things out


Working together


Such a fun day – got a little too much sun – those clouds sure can fool you!

We headed back to the hotel to drop Trisha, Caden and Dan off then drove out to Corona where my cousins live.  We had a great visit with Jon, Natalia, Ella and Gavin.  Jon is the son of my Uncle Barry who passed away 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer.  We don’t get to see Jon, Nat and the kids too often but the kids had a great time playing together.  Ella turned 2 back in January so she and Hanna aren’t too far off in age.  And Gavin was born in December of this past year. 


1st attempt at a group picture


Oops – we lots two of them and now Caty is getting her hair pulled


The 3 girls


Thanks Jon and Nat for having us over! 


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