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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anaheim and the LPA National Convention

Here we are over a month after our trip to Anaheim and I’m finally getting time to make my blog posts about it.  Summer has been busy; July was insane!!  So happy reading!

Anaheim –Part 1 – And We’re Off!

Anaheim – Part 2 – LPA Friends

Anaheim – Part 3 –Beach Day followed by a visit with family

Anaheim – Part 4 – DAAA Soccer

Anaheim – Part 5 – Happiest Place on Earth (again)

Anaheim – Part 6 – Pretend City

Yay!!  Now that I’m caught up on these, I’ve got lots more to do! 


Emily said...

I just loved seeing all of your adventures in Anaheim. What a great time! We sure missed all of you and wished we could be there too! How great that you also got to spend time with family. Huntington Beach looks beautiful, and Disney is a dream destination! Wonderful, wonderful pictures of your great trip!

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