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Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, but a busy one.  Scott took Caty out in the morning and Caty used her own money to buy Hanna a Christmas present.  Here she is wrapping it.  You’ll have to wait until the next post from Christmas Day to find out what it was.  Caty was so proud of herself for wrapping it. 

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Hanna spent some time working on her newest trick – sitting up on her own.

012I took some pictures of the girls together

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The shirt says it all - “Good Things Come In Small Packages”


We invited a few friends over to join us for pizza – I know, not the most traditional Christmas Eve dinner, but with a houseful of kids who were excited about going out afterwards to look at Christmas lights,  the pizza was a hit.  Izabel is one of Caty’s best friends from her preschool class.  So we were joined by Izabel, and her siblings Zack and Emma, Beverly who is staying with Izabel’s family and Izabel’s moms Kelly and Farah.  The kids played with quite possibly every toy that Caty has.  I should have taken a pictures of the toy tornado that came through but I forgot.  After an early dinner, we bundled all 6 kids up and headed over to Rocklin where there is a street – Pebble Creek - who decorates to the max.  The kids had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!  That’s putting it mildly.  Caty was so excited, yelling and running from house to house.  We spent about an hour walking along the street looking at the lights.  I’m surprised that Caty walked almost the whole time – her poor little legs were working twice as hard.  But she didn’t complain at all.  We visited the street last year on Christmas Eve and I think it’s going to become an annual tradition. 

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What a busy, tiring day, but a wonderful one!

More Pics from Thanksgiving

When I first posted about our trip to the cabin for Thanksgiving, I said that I would be getting some more pictures from my mom.  Well, I’ve got them and wanted to share. 


Riley is saying “HELLO!””


Riley testing out the snow

014 020

Caty – looking like she’s ice skating, doing figure 8’s – following in Mommy’s footsteps – I competitively ice skated from 10+ years.

021 022 023

My brother and his family


My family


Erin and Riley


Papa getting kisses from Riley


Nana and Papa and Riley


Nana, Papa and their girls


The three cousins


Nana giving Todd and Riley a push


My brother, the dad – and what a wonderful daddy he is!


Caty and Riley


Finally, A Bike That Fits

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My parents bought Caty this bike back on her 3rd birthday.  After my dad added wood blocks to the pedals, she still couldn’t reach – poor thing.  So the bike went into hiding and back in November we thought that we’d pull it back out and try it again.  Well guess who can ride the bike, no pedal extenders needed.  YAY CATY!! 

The type of bike is the Radio Flyer Grow N' Go Bicycle



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leaves, Leaves Go Away

Scott is home on winter break, so he and Caty did some raking of our monstrous amount of leaves in our backyard today.  Don’t worry, it’s not your eyes that are blurry, it’s the fact that Caty doesn’t stop moving!  The camera couldn’t keep up with her!


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