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Monday, November 30, 2009

Comment troubles

Several of you have sent me messages on Facebook letting me know that you can't post comments on my blog - that the POST A COMMENT link doesn't show up.  I'm so frusterated with blogger and this aspect.  Nothing I seem to do will add the link to my page.  A few have offered help but to no avail those suggestions haven't helped.  Occasionally on some blogs it shows up, but not on others - AHHH!!!

It's still possible to comment though.  At the very end of each post, where the date line is, there is a part that tells how many comments there are.  If you click on this link, the comments will come up and you should be able to post.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I hate missing out on getting comments! :(

Friday, November 20, 2009

Some Hanna Cuteness

Hanna is almost 6 months now – where, oh where does the time go?! 

She’s enjoying trying new solid foods; well at least most of them.  She likes apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and rice cereal.  She’s not too hip on carrots and we got the good old scrunched up face when she tried peas.  Not sure what we’re going to try next, we’ll see, maybe avocado.

Hanna has been spending some time sitting in her bumbo seat and for the most part she enjoys it. 

And her biggest milestone reached lately is rolling over.  She sleeps on her tummy and one morning when Scott went and got her he said “you put her on her back right?”  I said “nope.”  SURPRISE MOMMY AND DADDY!!  We have yet to see her roll from her tummy to her back; she’s done it sense in her bed but never in front of us.  We have seen her roll from back to tummy and now so can you. 

 120 121 123 126 129 132 136 137 141

144  147



This last video just cracks me up!  The things kids come up with.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Final Park Day of the Season?

We’ve been quite lucky with our November weather.  Who knows is this will be our last park trip for awhile, as the much colder weather is approaching us.  Although, as long as there is sun, there’s a chance. 

On Veteran’s Day, both Scott and Caty were off of school (obviously) so we took advantage of the beautiful day and the four of us headed to a local park recently for some playing.  I spent the time pushing Hanna around in her stroller, in hopes that she’d fall asleep – no such luck.  Scott and Caty had a blast playing.

159 152 153 154 155 157 158

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Halloween has come and gone, yet again.  We had a great day, but a busy one. 

It started off by the girls opening a present that their Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Bill sent them.  Hanna loved her pumpkin socks so much that she wanted to eat them and Caty had a blast making her bead necklace. 

008 010 037

A few days before Halloween, during a rare nap from Hanna, Caty and I spent some time in the backyard carving our pumpkin.  She wanted no part in the pumpkin goo so only one pumpkin got carved.  Thank goodness for Mr Potato Head Pumpkin kits.  We made out with a great looking witch. 

017 018 019

Costume time!

My sweet angel!

020 028



My very own princess 027 

And when the princess costume came off this is what she turned into!  AHHH!!!!  046

Now onto our LPA Halloween Party.



A parade of costumes 004

Caty and Aidan posing 010

Getting ready for the pumpkin roll 016

Roll those pumpkins! 017

Chalk time 029

My little pumpkin 031

The party was held at a great community center which has a wonderful park.  The weather has been so incredibly nice; we’re very lucky! 033 034 035

And now it’s trick or treat time! 

036 038