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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look Who’s 1!!

Hanna turned one back on June 5th and I’m sorry that I’m jut getting around to posting the pictures. 
I just can’t believe that she’s 1 already!  Seems like just yesterday I was facebooking during my 21 hour labor – what else was I supposed to do after having my epidural?  You all wanted to know what was going on, right?  :-)
Hanna has gone from this:
To this:
At her one year check-up she weighed in at 17 lbs and was 28 inches long.  A handful more inches and she’ll pass Caty up, who’s at about 32-33 inches.  I’m so looking forward to reaching that 20 lbs mark, so we can turn her around in the car seat.  She’s crawling everyone, pulling to a stand with support and just starting to try to stand up, by herself with no help.  She’ll take steps when we’re holding her hands, but really isn’t even cruising around much.  Which I think is fine because once she starts going, she’s not going to stop.  She’s perfectly content on playing by herself – she’ll take off down the hall and sit either in the hall, Caty’s room or her room and play with whatever she can find.  Caty still has a hard time playing by herself.  Hanna can say a few words – mama, dada, bubbles, sissy, kitty and tonight, while outside with Scott, they saw a grasshopper and she kept saying bopper.  Too cute!
We had a wonderful party with mostly family but a few close friends. 
The birthday girl
My family! <3
With Nana and Papa
With Grandpa (Scott’s dad)
With Great Aunt Claudia
With Nana
Nana and the birthday girl
With Auntie Christine (who’s 5 months pregnant with another girl to add to the family) and Tutu (Scott’s sister and mom)
With Tutu (Tutu is grandmother in Hawaiian)
The table
My attempt at a ladybug cake
With her friend Eli
Opening presents
She loves Elmo!
Reading her card
Me and my little ladybug
The OHH face!!
Not too sure about the cake
She got a little freaked out, not sure if it was the warm weather, all the people singing Happy Birthday to her or what, but she tried the cake and started crying.  She got frosting all over herself and wanted me to hold her, so she’s now in a new dress. 
I think that I’d rather have a ritz, thanks.
Testing it out
I think I’ll have some cheese those.
Cheese and cake go together, right?
She finally got into it, but notice, the cheese is still in her hand.
0-3 month pictures
4-6 month pictures
7-9 month pictures
10 months to 1 year old pictures!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The House That Built Me

Today is a bittersweet day for me.  The house that I grew up in, can no longer be called “my home”.  My parents decided last year that they were ready to sell their home in Emerald Hills/Redwood City – the town was a part of Redwood City up until a handful of years ago.   They originally built the house in 1975, the year before I was born.  It’s the only house that I lived in until I was 17 and moved out to attend college.  Not many people can say that they lived their entire childhood in one house.  There are so many incredible memories from that house – slumber parties, pool parties, exchange students coming through ( a total of 8 or so), making mud pies with preschool friends, and the so many other get-togethers throughout my childhood. 

I am terribly saddened that I will never return to this house, but now the up-side to selling the house.  My parents have bought a home in El Dorado Hills, which is only about 40 minutes from us.  This 40 minute drive will be SO much better than the 2+ hour drive it would take to get to Emerald Hills.  I look forward to being able to see them more, well, at least much easier than before.  I could never make a day trip down to Emerald Hills, just wouldn’t work with the girls, but now we’ll be able to meet for lunch, get together weekly (at least I hope), and have built in babysitters, who can take the girls for the entire night so Scott and I can go out! 

Miranda Lambert sings a beautiful song called “The House That Built Me” and it brings tears to my eyes during this transition. 


Sorry about the picture overload but I wanted to share some pictures of that house that built me.  I only have a few from when I was young as my parents have the photo albums of my childhood years.  But I have found pictures from trips down there with my girls. 

My 1st birthday – November 19, 1977


June of 1978


Welcoming my brother in 1980


With one of my best friends, Michelle, who will also be my travel buddy to Nashville – yes, we’ve known each other for 33 years now. 


Caitlyn’s first trip – June 2005


Kisses from Nana


With Papa


Thanksgiving 2005


Hanging by the pool – May 2006

 5-06 1

Playing with Uncle Todd’s hats – May 2006

5-06 1 (2)

Riding on Nana’s carousel horse – July 2006


With Uncle Todd and Auntie Erin – who wasn’t officially her Auntie yet – September 2006

 Sept 19, 2006 084

Telling Nana and Papa “all about it” – September 2006

Sept 19, 2006 080

Blowing bubbles with Papa – September 2006

Sept 19, 2006 071

Christmas 2006


Helping Nana feed the birds and squirrels – March 2007


Welcome!! – March 2007

3-07 (3) 3-07 (2)

Thanksgiving 2007 – yes we look like we’re celebrating Xmas but we wore red to take pictures for our Christmas card.

2007 (3)

2007 (2)

Helping Nana make cranberry sauce – November 2007


Visiting the “ususally” park, as I used to call it growing up – we “usually” went there – May 2008


Swimming in the spa – June 2008

2008 (2)

January 2009 – a get together with some good friends from high school


Hanna’s first visit – July 2009 – with Nonni and Nonno


Following pictures are from February 2010

096 118 125 131 047 052 - Copy 054 - Copy 073 087

9-09 (2) 9-09 (3) 9-09 (4) 9-09 (5)


So long Emerald Hills/Redwood City, thanks for the wonderful memories!