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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hanna vs Caty

Hanna is growing like a weed right before our eyes.  It’s amazing!  It’s  hard not comparing Caty and Hanna as they each grow, or not grow in Caty’s case.  Hanna is outgrowing clothes right and left – Caty can wear the same outfit for a year or more sometime.  I’m curious as to when Hanna will pass Caty up – maybe a year from now or a little longer. 
Today I was changing Hanna’s diaper and her hand almost ended up in something that would not have been good!  I never had to worry about that with Caty because her arms wouldn’t reach that far. 
As for milestones, Hanna is right now track.  There is a separate milestone chart for Achondroplasia kids – and Caty always seemed to reach those on the early end. 
Hanna holding her head up - trying to at 9 weeks
Doing a great job at 15 weeks
Caty trying at about 11 weeks
Doing a great job at about 15 weeks
Hanna sitting well in her Bumbo seat – 4 months033
Caty sitting in her Bumbo seat – about 9 months
Hanna smiling at about 6 weeks
Caty smiling at about 8 weeks
185 - smiling at you

And just some other pictures while I’m actually posting a blog because who knows when I’ll get the chance again!
Hanna and Nana
Caty and Daddy taking their naps
Smiling in her sleep
My girls!
A few more from our Labor Day weekend at the cabin
Smore face!
With my brother and our girls
Auntie Erin and Hanna
Caty and Riley
Uncle Todd and Hanna
Me and my Hanna
Riley crying
Hanna crying
Finally two happy girls!
Down at the lake

Caty having a BLAST at the lake!


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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

First things first, sorry about the picture overload but I have a ton to share…
Over Labor Day weekend we headed to my family’s cabin, in Pinecrest, CA040  
The weekend included all kinds of special moments.  We finally got to meet our niece Riley after 4 months.  Riley is just 3 weeks older than Hanna so a trip to meet her was obviously put off for the summer, mainly due to the fact that my brother and his family live in San Diego – a good 8 hour drive. 

Scott took a half day at school on Friday, picked Caty up from preschool, then we had a quick lunch and were on our way.  Pinecrest is a 3 hour drive from our house and we made it our goal to not stop unless Hanna needed to.  She fell asleep within the first few minutes and slept THE WHOLE WAY!!  We even had to make a stop about 2 hours into the drive for Caty to go potty; she and I hopped out of the car and Scott just kept driving around the parking lot – gotta keep Hanna moving or else.  We got to the cabin and as we got out of the car, Hanna woke up – no complaints at all!  Caty went immediately to Riley as she’s been waiting the 4 months to see her.  It was so fun having the girls all together; there will be so many fun times through the years; I can’t wait! 

We made one trip down to the beach; between all three girls and their naps, we finally made it down around 3:30 and only stayed about an hour. 

Just enough time for Caty to get her beach fix in and take some family pictures.  Almost every year since Caty was born, minus last summer, we’ve gotten together and spent a long weekend at the cabin.  It’s fun to see the pictures from our different trips.

2005 – the whole family – aunts, uncles, cousins – everyone minus just one, my cousin JeffFamily Picture 5 





We mostly spent time playing around the cabin.  My dad brought out Caty’s fishing pole and taught her how to cast – by the end of the weekend, she could cast it out about 20+ feet.  Everyone got into trying out Caty’s Dora pole.
119 121 024 059 072

Caty went exploring and found woodsy things to make a collage for her preschool share day.   Scott, Caty, my dad and myself took a boat ride and did a little fishing.  My dad was the only one to get a bit and Caty was so excited about watching the fish being reeled in.  She got to help Uncle Todd drive the boat and LOVED IT!!  FASTER, UNCLE TODD, FASTER!!

065 037 038 039 041 043 045
On Saturday we helped my mom celebrate her 60th birthday.

And finally what you’ve all been waiting for (unless you’re on Facebook and have already seen them) – pictures of the cousins together!

 012 013 016 019 081 085 100 109 110


And since I haven’t added enough pictures yet, why not some more!

My brother and his beautiful family

Nana, Papa and the girls

070 076  089 092 096     138