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Friday, August 26, 2011

Cabin Trip 2011

We spent a long weekend in July at my family’s cabin in Pinecrest.  The girls and I rode up with my parents on Wednesday and we met my brother, sister-in-law and niece there.  Scott joined us on Friday. 

The girls were so happy to be together again


Hanna still loves digging in the dirt


You can’t really see it in this picture but just above Caty’s head there is a pink plastic fish.  My brother, Todd, had taken Riley’s fishing pole and cast it to it was up over a branch.  He’s lower the fish so they’d chase it, then pull it back up.  They loved it and giggled like crazy


Off for a walk – Caty and Riley


Hanna and Nana

088 089

The girls at the lake


On our way home


Hanna found the dirt again the next morning

106 107

Time for the lake


Hanna found a ladybug that she carried around for while

 119 122 127

Caty getting to drive the boat


Beautiful Pinecrest Lake


Caty and myself


Nana and her girls

154 158

Papa and his girls


Caty doing a little shore fishing


Hanna and Nana


Nana, Papa and the girls


Family picture


More lake time


Silly Hanna


Hanna and myself on the boat


Hanna and Nana


Caty driving the boat again


More fishing


Hanna loved it!!

229 232

Hanna also got to drive the boat


Me and Caty


Joined by Michelle and Cheri (Furner) – both of our families have been coming up to Pinecrest our whole lives but it wasn’t until 2-3 years ago that we realized it.  Cheri and I were in the same class in high school and Michelle and Todd as well.  This summer was the first time we all ended up being in Pinecrest at the same time.  They, along with their families, came and joined us for drinks.  Fun times!!


All the kids together


Family picture time – I haven’t announced anything but look at my sister-in-law’s tiny little baby bump.  They will be welcoming girl #2 in early November.  Girls all around for our family!


Such a great couple of days at the cabin.  We always love coming up here and look forward to next summers trip.


Kerri said...

so awesome!! I love cabin life, what great memories!!!

Melisa said...

Looks like another great visit to Pinecrest! Cute one with the kids on your shoulders. That's a whole lotta estrogen going on....hope Scott and your brother can handle it all especially the teenage years!!!

Emily said...

Love it! What a great family trip! Congrats on niece #2, how exciting! I was just thinking how cute those three girls are together...can't wait to see the new little love join in on all the fun!

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