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Friday, March 15, 2013

LPA Valentine's Event

Another fun LPA event!  We are so lucky that we live in an area with such an active chapter.  We average about 8-10 events each year!!

My little monkeys

Caty, Ciena and Leilani

Caty and Jos

Hanna and Jude

Flashback Friday - March 15th 2013

March 2012 - matching pajama's

March 2011 - a visit from cousin Riley

2010 - some park fun and my girls

2009 - pigtails and some backyard fun

2008 - a visit from a new friend

this was right on our driveway

and some basketball

2007 - Caty playing at The Little Gym

2006 - playing in her crib

And in 2005 we were just 5 days shy of Caty's birth

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More January fun....

Other things we did in January

Played in the leaves

Had a visit from Tutu and Grandpa Mark

Some Girl Scout fun

Went to LazerCraze to help Cole celebrate his birthday

Had fun with our friend Kelly - not that she's in any pictures but she was there

Playing badminton 

Hanna loves her play dough

Met a new LP friend Leilani

Me and my college roommate Brandi who recently moved from San Diego to Auburn (she was 9 hours from us now they are about 30 minutes).  The night this was taken she joined my friends and I to hear my friends the Chris Gardner Band Play - we could pass for sisters here!