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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

San Diego – Cousins and more Cousins

My cousins Jon and Natalia drove down from Corona (about an hour and a half drive) with Ella (who’s 2) and Gavin (who’s 4 months) to spend some time with us.  We hadn’t seen them in over a year so it meant a lot for them to make the drive to see us.  Jon’s dad Barry was married to my Aunt Claudia.  Maybe you’ll remember my post from almost 2 years ago…. we lost my Uncle Barry on May 8th of 2009 to Pancreatic Cancer.  He is missed so much. 

Now you know that Riley and Hanna are only 3 weeks apart… Ella was born in January of 2009, making her 5 months older than Hanna.  So much fun having cousins so close in age. 

Hanna getting some help from Daddy



Ella showing Jon where to go

 208 209

 212 213 215 217 219 226 229

Gavin decided to snug up and take a nap while we played at the park – smart guy!


 IMG_2049 IMG_2055 IMG_2068

Yep, found some sand to dig in



IMG_2080 IMG_2096

Three of the four girls – Hanna was too busy sliding and playing in the sand to take a picture

IMG_2116 IMG_2121

Story time with Caty

IMG_2143 IMG_2145


Caty and Ella going fishing


Caty reading Jon a book


Hanna and Ella learning to share


Caty reading Nat a book


Nat and the girls




We headed back home on Tuesday and stopped in the Tustin/Irvine area to meet up with Scott’s sister Christine and our niece Desiree.


So much fun seeing the girls with their cousins!


Greene Family said...

So Adorable!! These photos are so sweet! It is wonderful having cousins so close in age! It looks like they all had so much fun together! Caty looks like she takes on the nurturing big sister role to all of the kids! Looks like another fantastic day during your vacation!

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