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Monday, May 2, 2011

San Diego Here We Come!

Since my parents aren’t going to be around during the week that we’re in Anaheim for the LPA National Convention (they’re off for a North Sea cruise)  they planned a weekend trip down to Southern CA so they could go with Caty on her first trip to Disneyland.  We drove down to San Diego on Saturday April 16th.  We headed there because my brother lives there and had space for us to stay. 
Friday I dropped Caty off at my parents as they said they would take her along for the drive!  It was so nice having just Hanna in the car with us.  She’s a perfect traveler, just looking at books or playing with her Barbie or watching a dvd – no complaints what so ever. 
The drive was just over 500 miles – I know, that’s a long way!!  My parents left about 45 minutes after us and we thought that they would eventually catch up with us because we figured that we’d need to stop every 2 hours or so, but nope, Hanna was very content.  We stopped about 3 hours in the drive, because I was the one that need to use the bathroom and of course it gave us the chance to changed Hanna’s diaper.  We got back on the road after just about 10 minutes and were still way ahead of my parents. 
We stopped on the north side of the Grapevine for lunch – just before driving over into the LA area.  We ordered and sat and waited and to our surprise…this guys walked in.
How cool to see Jay Leno eating at In N Out!!
My parents caught up to us as we were just finishing lunch. Caty said she wanted to keep riding with them so we headed back out.  We stopped for a quick break in Irvine and got back on the road.  We arrived at my brothers around 5ish.  Not too bad – it was 10 hours since we’d left the house but with our 3 stops and of course getting suck in LA traffic. 
The cousins, back together again.
002 004
Uncle Todd taking Hanna for a ride.
Sissy’s turn to push!
After the jammies were on we headed over to the house we were staying at.  My sister-in-law’s parents recently bought a house about 6 blocks from them so we were able to stay there, as they weren’t around. 
We got situated and the girls headed to bed, no knowing what was in store for the next day….


Kristie said...

The picture of the girls in the bathtub is too cute!!!!

Katie Jaye said...

In N Out Burger is the best. So cool that your saw Jay Leno!

The girls look like they are enjoying the time with their cousin which is always nice. Very cute bathtime pic!

Emily said...

Those three girls are SO CUTE together! They must have been so excited to see each other! Can't wait to hear more about your fun surprise for them!

Kim said...

I have never been to In n Out Burger. I've been to a Five Guys. So awesome that the kids are good in the car. Preston rocks on car trips. Now I am sure Caty was Ms. Talkative, like her counterpart Preston! I love the pictures-so cute in the tub. Caty is so protective of the girls. Cannot wait to read about the next part of the adventure!

Greene Family said...

Those last two pictures of the three girls together are So cute!! They must have the best time together!
That's great that Hanna does so well on such a long car drive! I'm sure Caty kept your parents entertained!
How cool to see Jay Leno on your stop at In N Out!

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