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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disneyland – It’s a Princess Affair – Part 3


First the girls got to meet Princess Mulan


Caty was so excited to meet Princess Ariel




And finally Princess Belle

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These Princesses were in an area called the Princess Walk.  Hopefully when we go back in July, we’ll get a chance to meet other ones.

Later in the day we got an appointment (yes, that’s what they called it – we stopped by and the “guard” wrote our name down and said to come back at 1:15)  to meet Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled. 

075 077 079



The Wymer Clan said...

Just caught up on all of these - looks like you guys had a great trip! Kylie and Nikki got autograph books when we went in March - they love theirs. :P

Greene Family said...

Oh my goodness - so much cuteness!! Beautiful pictures! It looks like the girls loved every minute of meeting the princesses!

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