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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disneyland – Part 1

We got up early on Sunday morning and woke the girls up.  We’d told Caty that we were going to head over to Todd and Erin’s early that morning and probably make a visit to the beach. 

My parents came over and were standing by the car waiting to surprise Caty – we’d put a sign on the car that said “Disneyland here we come” and some Minnie Mouse decorations. 

Here come the girls are walking out of the house


She didn’t jump for joy as I thought she might – she was kinda shocked. 


It was about an hour drive from my brothers to Disneyland – not bad – guess we’re lucky that we chose to go on a Sunday.

017 018

The girls in their matching outfits, courtesy of Nana. 


Caty posing in front of the castle




Kristie said...

The girls look so cute their matching outfits. Jalinn has the same outfit too.

Greene Family said...

They are so adorable in their matching outfits!! Beautiful girls at such a fun place! What a cute way to surprise Caty with decorating your parents' car! I can imagine that she was shocked! :) I can't wait to take the boys to Disney World in a couple of years and seeing your pics makes me even more excited to do so!

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