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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disneyland – Meeting Some Characters – Part 2

First thing we did when we got in the gates was to buy Caty an autograph book so she could get have a keepsake.

While I was in line to get us a pass to use the handicap lines, (yes, they allowed us to do this – which totally saved us REALLY long waits during the day) the girls saw Mickey Mouse.  My girls loved him…


Riley…not so much


Then we found Pluto


Later in the day, in Mickey’s Toon Town, we ran into Goofy

120 116 118

We spent some time in the afternoon over in Pixie Hollow meeting Tinkerbell and one of her fairy friend, Vidia…


Riley smelling the flowers



Found a flower to sit in and of course each of the girls had to try it out…

150 151 152

Posing in front of a BIG HUGE book

154 155

Getting Vidia’s autograph

157 158

And of course Tinkerbells…

 159 161

Hugs for everyone


Erin and Riley posing with the fairies



The Princesses get their own post so I don’t overload you on pictures….


Greene Family said...

The girls are all so cute with the characters! Love the pic of Riley smelling the flower, and then the three of them taking turns sitting in the purple flower! Caty is adorable in her hat and with her autograph book sitting on the rock!

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