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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disneyland - Riding the Rides - Part 4

We were told by some friends to stop at City Hall once we get in the gates and get a pass to allow us to use the handicap lines.  We don’t use Caty’s size as a benefit to us very often but this was definitely a time that we did.   Her poor little legs just couldn’t stand in those long lines… worked like a charm!  I have to say it really saved us some longer lines. 

First up was the Dumbo ride.  Caty road with my mom and Hanna rode with me.  Hanna was a little scared but calmed down and eventually loved it.

We road on the Casey Jr Circus Train and were caged like a bunch of wild animals!  Hanna LOVED the train ride and still talks about it.

Next up was the Storybook Land Boat Ride – another one that Hanna constantly talks about - “Hanna ride boat – sit Papa lap”
Caty got the front of the boat

Todd and Riley, ready to go

And we're off!!

And we found another boat ride to take – It’s A Small World

Hanna ABSOLUTELY loved Small World and continuously talks about it ALL DAY LONG!!  I found a youtube video of the ride and we watches it multiple times a day.  
After dinner we headed over to California Adventure and spent a little time in the Bugs Life land. 
Caty and Daddy ready to ride Flik’s Flyers

 And Riley’s favorite was Francis’ Ladybug Boogie
 During the day we road on one adult ride.  Scott, my mom, brother, our cousin April (more on her visit in another post) and myself went on Space Mountain.  We used the handicap line (ok, so maybe we shouldn’t have since Caty wasn’t riding with us but oh well we did and only waited for about 30 minutes.)

Here we are during the ride where they surprisingly take your picture…April knew it was coming and was ready.  It must run in the family because 3 of us have our eyes closed – or maybe it was the incredibly bright flash!
So much fun!!!!


Greene Family said...

What a fantastic day!! Adorable pictures, especially the ones on the train ride! Yay for not having to wait in long lines with having the handicap pass! That is so cute that Hanna likes to watch the video of the Small World ride multiple times a day! How exciting that you guys will get to enjoy this magical place again in July!

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