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Monday, January 24, 2011

Our trip to Reno

We headed up to Reno to see Scott’s dad on the Sunday before Martin Luther Kings birthday.  We headed out and sure enjoyed the beauty of the Sierra Nevada’s. 

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We stopped in Truckee for lunch and the girls got to touch some snow; which caused Hanna to repeat snow over and over and over again. 

018 015


We arrived in Reno and the weather was AMAZING!  It was actually warmer in Reno (who’s average in January is about 35*) than it was at our house.  I think that it got to about 65* that day.  We headed out to the park and had fun feeding the ducks and playing. 


Caty helping Daddy out

  044 045 047

And Hanna found something to dig in!





049 050

Notice how the ducks are walking on the still frozen pond but then swimming in the other part.  A few more days of that warm weather and I’m sure it was thawed out. 


026 027 028 031 032 033

The girls got to open their Christmas presents from Grandpa

Caty got a Tangled doll and LOVES it (as does Hanna – so it stays in Caty’s room)


And Hanna got a musical bubble blower for the tub (post about this to follow)


We had a great time and both girls slept on the way home.  YAY!!


Katie Jaye said...

That is a ridiculous amount of ducks in that pond! And those mountain pictures are gorgeous.

I like how Hanna has that catcher's squat going on when she's digging in the sand. It is amazing how kids can do that. I crouch like that to put the sodas in the fridge and after getting two cans in I'm in pain!

Emily said...

It is still amazing to me how the weather can vary from day to day! That was quite a bit of snow you saw on your lunch stop and then for it to be 65 in Reno...amazing!

Kim said...

65 degrees sounds absolutely FABULOUS! Those pictures are beautiful! The mountains, the girls with the ducks behind them, all of it! I love the picture of Caty on the swing. One of my new personal faves!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful pictures! What a fun trip! I always love seeing pics of Hanna digging! Love the pic of Caty on the swing too! Love your girls - so cute!

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