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Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday

I’ve been busy working on my blog posts about our trip to San Diego for Christmas so I thought that I would do a Flashback Friday from our Christmas’ over the years.
Christmas 2005 – Caty’s first Christmas
Discussing penguins with Papa
Me and my Caty
Todd and Erin drove up to join us
P1000481 DSC_0500
Not liking Santa too much!
With some of her gifts – she still sleeps with her taggie blanket and now Hanna is the owner of the Laugh and Learn Puppy.  Not sure where that Snoopy ended up.
Christmas 2006
Santa brought her a Little People Farm
And this was the Christmas that Papa made her the horse and step stool
100_1232 100_1243
My Uncle Ron flew out from Michigan and Todd and Erin came up from san Diego for the holidays. 
Christmas was also when Todd and Erin got engaged
Pictures I had taken of Caty
9  6
And I got to be in the picture with Santa
Christmas 2007
Visiting Santa – wearing a dress of Mommy’s
Mommy wearing the dress is 1978
She liked Santa much more this time
Leaving cookies for Santa
 100_3900 100_3906
One of my most favorite pictures of Caty
Ready for some Candy Land!
100_3938 100_3956
Family picture
With Nana
She got a kitchen from Nana and Papa
Christmas 2008
100_6300 100_6282
I loved this shirt!!
One of the most decorated houses in the Sacramento area
We were at the doctors one day and we found out that Santa was there – saved us a trip to the mall and $25 He even brought her a Barbie car!
100_6392 100_6396 100_6364
With Uncle Todd and Auntie Erin
Christmas 2009
062 050
Caty’s holiday performance at preschool
027 031 034
And that brings us to Christmas 2010.  Stay tuned for the San Diego blogs. 


Kristie said...

I love all the pictures of Caty when she was younger. She is so darn cute. The christmas present outfit that Hannah is wearing Jalinn has the same one last year when she was born. Your girls are such cuties!!!

Katie Jaye said...

Thanks for sharing the trip down memory lane! It was fun to see Caty grow up with each Christmas, she's adorable! I also think it's awesome that she wore one of your dresses, how cool is that?!

Greene Family said...

Love this post - so many fun and adorable pictures of your beautiful girls! I love that your girls have worn some of the dresses that you wore as a little girl! Caty and Hanna could not be any cuter - love their smiles!!

Kim said...

Ok I literally was going to say what a great trip down memory lane and my sister beat me to it! But seriously, I remember you posting some of these pics on POLP before we had blogs. What fun to look back and see Caty through the years. I must say my favorite pictures are the ones where you guys are wearing the same clothes, just decades later. It's so awesome! I did that with Preston-he wore many of my brother Chris' Christmas stretchies.
Also Caty's card came to Preston. he put it in his night stand (where he keep his important papers)! LOL!

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