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Friday, January 21, 2011

Merry Christmas - Christmas Morning – Part 4

Thankfully we have the rule that Caty can’t get up until 7:00 and that rule applies to Christmas morning as well.  Sometime before 7 I heard the pitter patter of her feet running through the condo but they went back into the bedroom.  As 7:00 came around she actually went upstairs and got my parents up first then came and got us. 

Here’s Hanna’s gift from Santa – a cat that meows.  She loves these things; everything we walk down that aisle in the store she has to touch all of the cats and dogs. 


Caty loves Littlest Pet Shop and didn’t have a house for them so that’s what she asked for.  Now her pets have a place to hang out.

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The week before Christmas break Caty’s school had something called Reindeer Lane.  The students could bring in money and spend it on gifts for family members.  She was super excited and had my mom help her wrap them. 

Well Scott opened his gift and it was a “Grandpa” mug.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  She said she bought it because he really needed a new mug.  Funny story to tell but kinda disappointed that the parents helpers let her chose this gift when it was specifically marked on her money envelope that it was for DADDY.


And I got a pretty heart necklace



Hanna’s own computer


Hanna is REALLY into Hannah Montana so she got a bag full of HM stuff – books, plate, water bottle, stickers and a sweatshirt


The girls with their matching monkey jammies

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Caty has been wanting to make her own bracelets so Nana and Papa got her a bead set – a HUGE BEAD SET – with something like 1000 beads.  Thankfully Nana  also got her a container with compartments to hold all of the beads.


Nana opening her gift from the girls – didn’t get a picture of her with it, because it made her cry and I didn’t think that she would want that picture shared.  I’ll share the picture of what it is on another post.  Any guesses?


Papa wanted a Panini Maker – we expect Panini’s when we make our next visit!


Hanna got some boats for the bath


And a new doll – which is supposed to be for the bath but she loves this doll and wants to bring it everywhere.  I didn’t want a dripping wet baby being carries around the house so she stays out during bathtime


Hanna kept saying “owl” and we had no idea what she was talking about until she did this with the “owl” 


Caty got a Lite Bright and loved it! 


Hanna got a new Fridge toy – an Elmo set.


Caty got a Fisher Price IXL from my parents but I never got a picture of her with it.  She also got a Disney Princess game to go with it.  The IXL is really cool – kinda the iPad for kids.  It has a Digital Reader, Art Studio, Game Player, Notepad, Photo Viewer and MP3 player.  She was able to play the preloaded games on there until we got home.  It needed to be customized with her name when we got home.  We also bought a 4GB sd card which holds all the pictures and music that we can find to put on! 

What a fabulous Christmas morning we had!


Kim said...

What a great Christmas morning! I am now curious as to your mom's gift. Funny that the mug said Grandpa. Maybe she was so adamant about getting it, they figured it would make a funny story? The beads look amazing. Iused to love getting gifts like that-like 1000 marker sets! So much fun.

Greene Family said...

What a wonderful Christmas morning! That's cute that Caty's school does a Reindeer Lane, but bummer about the mug - like Kim said, maybe Caty was adamant about getting it? I'm curious as to your mom's gift too! I had planned on having the boys make gifts for my parents this year, but somehow they were never finished, so next year I hope to be better with the homemade gifts. The girls matching monkey pjs are adorable! You'll have to post pictures of Caty making her pretty bracelets with her awesome bead kit! Hanna is so cute with her new doll!

Caden and Mommy said...

I'm having fun finally catching up on your blog, I didn't realize I was so far behind. That mug is funny, but yes disappointing they let her purchase it.

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