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Friday, January 21, 2011

Arriving in San Diego – Part 2

After our 2 day trip to get down to Southern CA we had finally made it.  My brother Todd, sister in law Erin and niece Riley were hanging out at the condo with my parents waiting for us to get there.  They stayed for dinner and after a yummy pasta dinner the girls got a bath and into their jammies. 

Time for some Ring-Around-The-Rosy


Uncle Todd joined in the fun



Even Papa joined in


Caty and Hanna’s funny faces and Riley looking at them and probably thinking “what in the world are those girls doing?”


Hanging out in Caty’s bed watching a show before bedtime.



Kim said...

Is there anything more amazing than kids hanging out in their pjs all cozy? I think not!

Greene Family said...

All three girls are adorable in their comfy pajamas, and it looks like they had a fun night together! The silly faces pic is too cute! I can't believe how much Hanna has grown!

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