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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 9 – Exploring Science

On Wednesday we headed over to the Adventure Science Center with several of our friends – The Greene’s, The Yiannakis’, The Bankesters, Melissa and her boys came and of course Michelle and David.  The kids had a blast!!  Most of us didn’t stay together, as each kid was running in a different direction.  What kid wouldn’t with all of the hands on stuff to explore. 

Caty and Josh driving the car


Caty taking a turn


Simon’s turn


Josh hanging on the rope – on the other end of the pole there was a car and would lift up when someone was hanging on the rope.


Peyton grabbed the other rope to help out, but the boys still needed some help, so Peyton’s dad, Jason, grabbed ahold.


Caty and Josh with the light wall – not sure what it was called, but their images were left on the screen – it was really cool!


Even though it doesn’t look like it, they were flapping their arms like birds and it was leaving really neat images


Checking out the dinosaurs


Crawling through the textile tunnel


Driving the ambulance


With Melissa and the boys


Such a fun day!!!


Greene Family said...

That Science Center was so much fun! Simon probably could have stayed there all day! It was great to hang out with you for a few minutes before Simon was ready to go in another direction! :)

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