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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennesse – Part 4 – Checking out the Kids Room



I signed Caty up for the kids room and even though she was a little teary eyes when I had to leave, she had a blast!!  On this day that I took pictures, there were sisters there to perform.  The younger of the two, is the state champion fiddler in TN.  How awesome is that!  The kids got a clogging lesson.

 139 140 143

Here’s Kylie trying out the guitar


And Nik’s turn – the guitar was bigger than she was!!

146 147

Here’s Audrey taking a turn


Caty went with something more her size – the fiddle


While in the kids room, I had a mom approach me and ask if I’d like some altered clothing.  Her daughter, Ava, was 8 and they had brought a bag full of clothing that she’d outgrown.  Of course I jumped at the chance to get my hands on already altered things for Caty.  I came home with probably 10+ outfits!  Thanks Angie, if you’re out there!


Greene Family said...

How fun! Cute pictures! Yay for altered things for Caty too!

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