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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 10 – Family Night

Wednesday night we attended Family Night. 
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The show started with cloggers and they invited the kids onto the stage for a lesson.
Caty trying out the steps
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This is FUN!!
Next were some jugglers, which were awesome, but it dragged on and on……
Here’s Ethan, Seamus and Grace checking things out
The kids eventually got bored and the four of them ended up on the dance floor behind the kids sitting watching the jugglers. 
Next came a hypnotist – which is always fun to watch, but again, it went on FOREVER!!!
So Caty, Ethan and Grace took over the floor again with some dancing. 
I love this next picture – I was too far away to hear but could read Ethan’s lips – he said “hold on girls, let me go get Seamus!”  And off he ran….
He came back empty handed so lucky Ethan had two girls to himself
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I just love them!!
Me and the ADORABLE  Ethan!!
FINALLY the show was over and we had to say goodbye to the Camenga and Weisser families!  Oh how I wish that we lived close to them!!  Miss you guys so much!!


Greene Family said...

It was so cute seeing the kids dancing!

Caden and Mommy said...

The pictures of the kiddos dancing are adorable, I love that Ethan ran off to find Seamus, his bud, but came back empty handed.

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