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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 3 – Celebrating our Red, White and Blue!!

We hit the road back to Nashville on Sunday the 4th.  We dropped out rental car off and FINALLY headed to the center of everything.  We weren’t able to check into our hotel early but they luckily held our luggage for us.  I’d heard from several POLP friends that most of them were at Panera having lunch, so we headed over.  I was so excited to finally be able to meet so many of the friends that I have come to love so dearly.  

Caty and Tonya


The three of us


That night we planned a dinner get together which turned out to be an awesome time!  We had close to 50 or so join us at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  It was so much fun being able to sit at the table with them and talk and laugh, rather than look at their pictures online.  All of the kiddos were so much cuter in person.  I loved being able to see their personalities rather than read blog posts and such about each of them. 

Caty and Nikki


The adorable Preston


Caty and Caden – sorry about the squinting eyes, the flash was so bright and after about 3 pictures, I had to stop.


Me and the quite talkative Caden


Caty and Pres


I just love this picture so much!!


Didn’t get a picture with Jenn on this night but watch for one in another post. 


From dinner we headed down to the riverfront to listen to Trace Adkins play (which didn’t happen because from where we finally found a spot, it was too far away).  We met up with the Camenga and Weisser families. 

105 107 108

The kids were super excited when some firemen came over with a helmet for them to try on. 

Fireman Ethan

110 111

Firegirl Gracie


Fireman Pres


Fireman Seamus

116 117 118

Caty wanted to try out the car but not the helmet


Caden enjoyed the ride too!

122 124

Since we couldn’t hear Trace singing, we had about a 2 hour wait until the fireworks starts.

Here are Caty and Gracie decorating with stickers


Caty and Avery


The kids patiently waiting – they were all so good!!


Avery’s mom, Jessica, bought all the kids glow-in-the-dark necklaces.  Pres and Seamus were being silly with them

128 130

Finally the fireworks started!!  They were AWESOME!!!

134 135 136


After a long evening, we finally headed back to the hotel.  We were exhausted and this was just our first day in Nashville!!


Greene Family said...

Great first day in Nashville! Love all of the pictures of so much cuties together!! Caty and Pres are just adorable in those pictures together! It looks like everyone had so much fun passing the time until the fireworks started! It was so great to meet you and Caty in person!!

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