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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 12 – Famous People

To quote a Brad Paisley song - “Famous People” -
I can't wait to get back home and tell all my buddies
That I met one of the most famous people in the country
OK – so we actually met 3 of them.
We got a chance to chat with Amy Roloff, from Little People Big World,  on the 4th of July
Unfortunately we never ran into her again, as I would have loved to get a picture of her and Caty
amy roloff
We did, however, run into Matt Roloff
As well as Marty Klebba – who’s an actor and best known for appearing in the Pirates of the Caribbean.  He was such an nice guy – chatted with us for a few minutes.  He asked where we were from and when I said “California” he replied “that’s funny I’ve never seen you guys at an event before.”  When I told him that we lived in the Sacramento area he said “well, that would be why.” 


Greene Family said...

Great pictures! Caty has such a great smile!

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