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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 5 – Friends

I can’t believe to explain how amazing it was to FINALLY be able to meet all of the wonderful families that I’ve gotten to know, online, over the past 5 years.  Each and every one of the families out there are so special to me and I love them all dearly!! 

Caty and I with my friend Angie – not the Angie that gave us the altered clothes, but another one.


Caty and Hai – Hai and his parents, Dan and Ericka Okenfuss are practically neighbors of ours.  They live in Sacramento and we’ve known them since Caty was born.  Ericka and Dan are also LP’s.  Ericka is our genetics counselor and Dan is the current President of our local LPA chapter.  They adopted Hai almost a year and a half ago from Vietnam.  He’s a cutie!!  Don’t you just love the cookie hanging out of his mouth –total boy!!  :-)


Caty and Ethan – I just fell in love with this kid while in Nashville!  Jen – he’s an incredibly charming, funny and adorable boy!  You’ve done such a great job with him!!

ethan and caty

Me and the wonderful Kim


Kim and Caty


With Melissa and Nikki


With Ellie


With the sleeping Preston


With Jen and Ethan – he was such a cutie!  I just fell in love with him during the week


Caty and the adorable Simon


With Jenn and Simon


The Silly Ian


group pic

A great stroller picture – Jaxson, Ethan, Preston, Caty, Simon, Parker and Peyton


Simon and Parker


Pres, Caty and Peyton


Jaxson and Ethan




Caty and Peyton


With Trisha and Caden


Hugs for Caden as we said goodbye to them


Don’t you just love Parker’s cowboy boots!


With the Yiannakis Family – Jason, Peyton, Jaxson and Paula


David and Peyton


With Laura and Nate


Caty and Peyton – he sure liked Caty a lot!!  Gave her some of their silly stretchy bracelets and was always playing with her

2010-07-07 17.55.17

With Emily, Seamus and Grace and the adorable Ethan who snuck in the picture

camengas 2

Can’t wait until next year!  Counting down the days until we can see all of our POLP family again!!


Greene Family said...

It was so amazing to meet so many friends that are like family!! I miss you guys! I think Simon thought all of his friends were coming home with him! :) We're really going to miss seeing everyone next year as we won't be able to make it Cali! Caty is such a sweetheart! Hugs!

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