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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 2 – Relaxing at Tellico Lake

From Melissa’s in Franklin, we headed east for a few nights at her parents, Keith and Annette.  They live on a beautiful lake, not too far from the Smoky Mountains.  We arrived at their home on Tellico Lake just before dinner on Friday. 

Caty and David had a blast playing foosball and everything else they could get their hands on.


Here’s the view from the top deck  -gorgeous!!


Caty relazing


David was so excited about fishing


Caty took a try at it.  For most of that first night, they practiced casting. 


Papa Keith taking to Caty about how you have to have patience while waiting for the fish to bite.  Patience, what’s that?


David doing some more fishing the next morning


Caty practicing her casting – David actually got a hook put on his, but Caty didn’t know the difference, probably safer that she didn’t. 

028 029

Praying that the fish will come


Out for a boat ride – they thought this was the coolest boat – complete with bed, fridge and bathroom


The Schmidt’s house


Me and Caty


Can we go on the raft now?  How about now?  Is it time yet?  I heard these questions for a good 30-45 minutes. 


Finally we got to go!


Giggling girls!!


Michelle and David’s turn


Before Tellico Lake was created, this was farmland.  When they created the lake the silos were just left behind.


Going for a swim


Such a beautiful house!  Can’t wait to visit again!


More fishing


She got tired of not catching anything…hehe – kinda hard to catch anything without a hook!!… so she went onto throwing rocks into the lake

061 062

Caty had so much fun with Michelle and David during the trip.  Now Michelle and I have known each other for 30 years and this is our first vacation together without parents.  Growing up we made lots of trips to the cabin and Michelle came with us to Hawaii one summer but we’ve never taken one together as adults.  Had a wonderful time with them. 

065 067

Papa Keith helping David


Out for a boat ride to watch some fireworks

075 076



Beautiful sunset


The boats are anchoring for the fireworks


Now a beautiful sunrise

084 085

Caty with Keith and Annette


All of us!


Thanks to Annette and Keith for your hospitality!  We loved visiting with you!  We’ll be back someday!!


Greene Family said...

Beautiful pictures!! How fun - fishing and a boat ride on a beautiful lake! Their house is beautiful, and how nice for all of you to be able to stay there for a few nights! Caty looks so excited in all of the pictures! You and Michelle planned a great vacation - how fun to have gone on trips together as kids and now this fun vacation as adults with your own kids!

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