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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 1 – Fun with the Phillips

Two years ago, when it was first mentioned that the 2010 LPA National Convention would take place in Nashville, I had a vision of going.  With my love of country music, how could I not go!  A great friend of mine from my childhood, Melissa, and I talked about us coming to TN.  Her parents live near Knoxville, about a 3 hour drive from Nashville.  We talked about how it would be wonderful to meet there and spend a few days together.  Melissa and her family lived in PA and would come down a few days.  Now Melissa and I hadn’t seen each other since we graduated High School in 1994.  So by the time this trip would come, it would have been 16 years since we saw each other.  Fast forward to the beginning of this year.  Caty and I were really looking forward to making this trip and to be able to spend a few days with Melissa and her family at her parents….  Well, then the unexpected happened.  Melissa’s husband, Brett, was transferred from this company in PA to the company offices in Franklin, TN, just 20 minutes outside of Nashville.  Perfect timing huh?!!!  They made the move down in April and after some changes due to the flooding in May, we finally had our plans set.  We luckily enough would get to spend a night at their house.  We arrived in TN on July 1st and headed to their house.  It was beautiful.  I was so busy visiting with Melissa, that I didn’t get a picture of the outside. 
Here’s Caty with Josh – they are just 2 months apart in age. 
That’s my girl – the one smiling at the camera.  Kellan, who’s 2.5 years old, kept telling us “I no talking.”  And Josh and David were busy talking to each other 
The kids enjoyed some basketball in the playroom
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Melissa just happens to live in the same town as Brad Paisley, so she took us by his house.  Caty’s ready to go.
Not that we thought that we’d be able to see his house on their 80 acres, but I at least got a picture of their driveway. 
Melissa took us to downtown Franklin, which was a great town.  We enjoyed lunch and then hit the road for our next adventure.
More with the Phillips later in the week….


Laura Wolf said...

What a nice time you had visiting with friends. I bet Caty really enjoyed playing with all the kids!

Greene Family said...

What a great visit with a childhood friend, and it looks like all of the kids had so much fun together! Yay for getting to see Brad Paisley's driveway! :)

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