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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tennessee – Part 7 – Fun times with Kim and Preston!

Back a few months, Kim said that she wouldn’t be making the trip to Nashville for the convention  I was so bummed, as she and Pres were two of the people that I was REALLY looking forward to meeting.  Then just a couple of weeks before the convention she sent me a text telling me that she had a surprise for me and that I should go and check her Facebook status.  So I had my cell in one hand and my ipod touch in the other.  Her status said

YEE HAW!!!!! Hey POLPS! Pres and I will be seein' y'all in Nashville in TWO WEEKS! (and btw that will be the LAST time you ever hear me say y'all)

This just made my day when I read the news!!  And of course laughed at Kim using the word “y’all”!!

We had a fabulous time hanging out with them during the week, just sad to see them leave! 

Our to dinner at the Big River Brewing Company


Smiley Pres!!


The Camenga’s were also there, but we couldn’t get tables together.

After dinner, the kids entertained us with their dancing moves

176 178

Caty and Gracie – they has so much fun together.  Sure wish that they didn’t live clear across the country from us!


Caty and Pres posing with a boot


Pres leading the way


Posing outside the Wildhorse Saloon


Love these two!!





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Cute pictures - Caty and Pres are just adorable!!

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