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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maui x 11!!

I finally have finished all of my different posts about Maui.  Yes, I did it again and split up the posts.  I think most of you would rather take the time to read several shorter posts than than ONE LONG post!!  I’m one post shy of my 12 from Nashville. 
We had a blast and hope to return soon!  The weather was wonderful as it always it – mid 80’s everyday and getting down to the low 70’s at night.  The humidity was similar to Nashville, but in Maui, we were either at the pool or the beach and there was a breeze. 
Hope you enjoy our adventures!


Nicole said...

I LOVE all your photos - now I've decided I need a Hawaiian holiday too ;)

Kim said...

I am trying to go through on at a time and leaving comments. It may take me a few days but so far I am loving all the posts!

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