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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maui – A little of this and a little of that

Hanna on her first plane ride.  She did pretty well, as long as we kept the graham crackers and juice flowing. 
 004 007
Caty got to watch Princess and the Frog
- These are just some miscellaneous pictures from the trip -
The frogs that come out at night, right outside the condo lanai.
We ventured to downtown Lahaina a few times and got some YUMMY shaved ice at Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice
130 131
Caty riding a frog
We took a walk one morning along the path along Ka’anapali Beach.  We ended up at the Hyatt where we found some fun creatures to take pictures with!
Penguins, in Maui?!  I know – so cool!!
208 211
This is how cool Hanna thought they were
Feeding the Koi Fish – those suckers are HUGE!!  And they will come up and take the food right out of your hand! 
213 216
Family picture – we had to crowd around Hanna because she was still sleeping!
220 221 222 225 226 227 228 230
Then we walked over to the Westin where they have flamingos. 
239  242 243 245
I just love Palm Trees!
Here’s the condo right on the 16th hole of the North Ka’anapali Golf Course.  My parents rent it out if anyone is ever interested – just link here!!!
366 368 369 371
One night we headed down to Lahaina to have dinner at Cool Cats Burgers and then we walked across the street to see the HUMONGOUS Banyon Tree.  The tree, which was imported from India and planted in 1873 was only 8 feet tall.  Now it stands over 60 feet high, is near 200 feet wide and has 12 major trunks in addition to the huge core.  It’s awesome!! 
375 376 377 379


Katie Jaye said...

I like the idea of splitting it up into several posts. It definitely makes it easier to see all the pictures (and loads quicker!).

Caty's face has such a look of pure joy and excitement when she's seeing the sea creatures that I couldn't help smiling too! And that tree is something else!

Kim said...

I'll comment after my sister! That tree is unreal. I also just want to hug Caty through the computer. I told you that pic of the girls with your parent is one of my favorites! Love Love Love!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful pictures!! Caty and Hanna are so adorable - love their outfits! Love the picture of the two of them with your parents! Caty is just adorable in the pictures with the Banyon Tree!
Your pictures bring back so many fun memories for me! We have pictures with that crazy, humongous tree too!

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