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Monday, August 9, 2010

Maui blogs coming soon!

Life has been busy since we got back from our trip to paradise – add in a hairline fracture and the start of kindergarten and that equals why I haven’t posted any blogs about Maui.
But with Caty and Scott heading to school tomorrow and Hanna totally content playing on the floor, I’m hoping to get my multiple posts done.  Yes, I said multiple.  Maybe not as many as with Nashville, but definitely several, considering I took over 500 pictures in Maui. 
Until I get them done, you’ll have to deal with just a picture or two.



Emily said...

Oh my gosh...the new blog header is ADORABLE!! I love it! I am excited for the Maui posts - and can't wait to hear how Caty's first day of kindergarten went!

Destini said...

Love the header, so cute!!! Can't wait for the Maui posts, but maybe you could skip ahead to Caty's first day of school first??

Greene Family said...

So cute! Your new blog header is adorable! Can't wait to see your pics from Maui!

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