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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Broken Bone

As you all may know, Caitlyn’s been in a cast for the past (almost) three weeks due to a hairline fracture in her left foot. 
We’d headed over to the Fountains for a street fair on a Friday evening.  We found one of those bounce house obstacle courses and Caty was super excited to go through it.  She’d made it through to the big slide at the end.  She was coming down the slide feet first on her tummy and halfway down she turned to look at me.  With this, her whole body started turning and her foot caught on the side of the slide.  She came down crying, saying that she couldn’t step on it.  So we headed home and iced it before bed.  She wasn’t complaining about pain anymore so off to bed she went.  She woke up with it still hurting so we luckily got an appointment for early in the day and off to Kaiser we went.  Xray’s confirmed that she had a hairline fracture in her foot.  They half casted it, wrapped it with an ace bandage and sent us home. 
Monday came along and I had been told on Saturday that orthopedics would be calling and setting up an appointment.  I hadn’t heard from them by 10 that morning, so I gave them a call myself.  The earliest appointment was Wednesday afternoon.  I asked “there’s no way you can get us in today? She’s starting Kindergarten tomorrow.”  Nope, sorry. 
So Tuesday morning she headed off to her first day of Kindergarten.  When we dropped her off, we didn’t know what to expect because she hadn’t walked on her foot at all since Friday.  Low and behold, she came hobbling out of class on her own at the end of the day.  We were very surprised but happy that she was able to get around. 
Same deal on Wednesday.

 008 012
Wednesday after school we headed to Kaiser to get rid of her half cast and get a nice new one on. 
Of course she chose bright pink
Lounging around
She has loved having everyone sign it and let me tell you, it’s FULL!! 
  001  005003 004

We head back to Kaiser tomorrow, where they will remove the cast and HOPEFULLY not put a new one on.  I’ll keep you posted. 


Ever Changing said...

GAh, I cannot get over how cute she looks-even with the half cast on! This pink fits perfectly!!! Glad to see she is smiling through all of this! Go Caty!!

Kim said...

No problem leaving a comment at all. Can I just tell you that there is nothing cuter than Caty with painted toenails---except painted toenails in a bright pink cast! I love it! I love her! We wish we could sign her cast too! So happy to hear that she survived the first day of kindergarten with the cast! WOW!

Emily said...

What a champ! She looks seriously adorable with that cast! Way to go Caty for handling that on the first day of school!

Destini said...

What a tough little girl to walk out of school! She is super adorable, cast and all! Glad it is gone now, though!

Greene Family said...

Way to go, Caty! What a tough cookie walking out of class on her own! She is absolutely adorable with her bright pink cast and painted toenails! Hugs! So glad that she has it off now though!

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