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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maui – Beach time!

We made a few trips to the beach and the girls loved it!  Surprisingly enough, Hanna, never once, tried to eat the sand. 
We hit up Keke (Baby) Beach, Wahikuli Beach, and a few others along the stretch of Ka’anapali. 
Hanna’s beach hut – although as you’ll see from the pictures, she didn’t stay in it very long.
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Caty and Nana
Caty stopping to pose for a picture
Discovering the sand
096  099
Our very own crab
Out with Papa
Kisses from Nana
Out with Mommy – notice my poofed out hair!
Building sandcastles with Nana
Testing out the waves
Hanna pointing out the surfers
Nana, Papa and their girls
My girls
Playing with Nana
166 172 175
Caty having fun!
Catch it Hanna!
182 183
My girl loves her cars!
184 185
Some friends came to visit
Taking a break from the waves
395 396 397 400 401 404
Riding some waves
Give me bucket and I’m content
415 416 417
420 422 423
Swimming with Papa
P1020666 P1020668
Splashing with Nana
What we found under the suit each time we came home from the beach!
And some pictures of Caty at the beach when we were in Maui in 2006
Maui 285 Maui 128 Maui 129 Maui 259 Maui 261 Maui 265 Maui 266 Maui 268 Maui 271 Maui 275


Kim said...

I love it! I love it! I am so jealous and want to go there right now! I just can see how peaceful it can be. Funny how Hanna walked like a crab and so did Caty. They both loved playing with the water in the buckets. The similarities are stunning!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful!! Caty and Hanna really look like they are loving every moment at the beach! Amazing all of the similarities in Caty's 2006 pictures and Hanna this trip!

Emily said...

Wow, these beaches are just stunning. Looks like the girls both loved it!

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