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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kindergarten Here I Come!!

I had a request from Destini to post a blog about Caty’s first day of Kindergarten before I tackle the multiple Maui posts.  So here you go…
We now have a Kindergartner on our hands.  I can’t quite say the school year has started off as we would have liked it.  Most you you know, but Friday, the 6th, Caitlyn got a hairline fracture in her foot.  We had gone over to the Fountains in Roseville to enjoy their street fair – can’t quite say it was very enjoyable.  A few minutes after getting there Caitlyn wanted to go through the Bounce House.  It wasn’t just one of the square ones, this had obstacles and a slide at the end.  Well, coming down the slide, on her tummy and feet first, she turned around to look at me and by doing that her whole body turned and her foot hit the side.  She started crying saying that her foot hurt.  She couldn’t put pressure on it, but it wasn’t obviously broken or turning funny colors.  So we headed home and put some ice on it.  When she woke up Saturday morning, she still couldn’t put pressure on it, so into Kaiser we went.  X-rays proved that there was a hairline fracture.  Into a half cast she went.
Now onto Tuesday…. the first day of school.  We arrived, with Scott’s help.  He carried her into class and we got her situated and left.  She was as happy as can be.  There are 8 of her friends from her Preschool class in her Kinder class – such a huge help.  One of the main reasons we put in for a district transfer was because we wanted her to continue of with kids she knew and were already accepting of her. 
11:25 came, rather quickly, and there we were, back at school to pick her up.  We didn’t know what to expect, but there, walking, ok hobbling, with her class, was Caty.  We were in total disbelief but so happy that she was walking and not having to be carried.  She hadn’t tried walking or anything since Friday.  Sure shows how strong and independent she is!!
She’s absolutely loving Kindergarten as we knew she would!
Ready for school!
 087 088 089
Sitting at her table
090 091
Finding a spot on the carpet
Talking with her friend Kylie (who was in preschool with Caty)
Here she comes walking out!


Jillsblog said...

I showed JD this picture of Caty on FB and he thinks she is cute. He words "she is pretty cute". We don't start Kindergarten til Sept 7th...JD is so excited to go!!!!

Destini said...

Oh my goodness, I'm tearing up over here! Caty off to Kindergarten, so cute and sweet! What a tough cookie to walk out of school! Thanks for skipping ahead for me ;)

Emily said...

Great job on your first day, Caty! We are proud of you!

The Wymer Clan said...

How cute! Love that she walked out on her own, she's just awesome!

Leong Family's said...

She so cute Jamie.. love her matching dress with school bag..

Melisa said...

Caty's picture perfect as always. So cute! Amazing how resilient kids are.

Kim said...

It's one thing to say she is going to kindergarten, it's quite another to actually see the pictures. She is just radiant! Cast and all! I'm so sorry she got a fracture, but it does not seem to be keeping her down. She looked beautiful on her first day of school-loved her hair and her outfit...and of course that super adorable back pack. Here's to a wonderful year of school!

Melissa Swartley said...

Way to go Caty! You are one tough cookie! I'm so sorry to hear about the fracture! Looks like she did very well on her first day despite her big boo boo! I'm here for any cast technical support too! Many hugs to sweet and brave Caty! Love the first day pictures! Her outfit is so pretty with her matching backpack!

Greene Family said...

Caty looked so pretty, as always, on her first day of kindergarten! It looks like she had a fun day! Wow - way to go Caty walking out on your own! You're awesome!!

Caden and Mommy said...

She is simply adorable. So proud and confident, she is going to be a marvelous student! What a superstar to not let the cast get her down :0) Good job Mom!!!

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