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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maui – Our Zipline Adventure

Scott and I decided, I guess that I should rephrase that, I decided that we were going to go ziplining.  He’d asked me if I wanted to get a massage while we were in Maui and I thought about it, but decided that that was something I could do while at home.  I remember seeing the Roloff’s ziplining while in Maui and that’s when I knew that that’s what my island adventure would be. 
One night, after the girls we were in bed, we walked across the street to Whalers Village.  We found a zipline kiosk and checked about dates.  The next available day was the day before we were leaving.  So we signed ourselves up. 
I was super excited as the days got closer and closer.  Finally the morning of the 28th was there.  We were up and out the door by 6:15, having to be at the Skyline Eco Adventure store at 6:30.  We signed our lives away and waited for departure.  We hopped in the van with 10 others and up into the West Maui hills we went.  Once off the main road and onto the gravel one, we bounced, literally, for 15 minutes as we climbed higher and higher.  We arrived at the hut and got strapped in our gear.  We then loaded into yet another van, this one completely covered in red dirt – thankfully I decided at the last minute not to wear my white shorts.  Finally after another 10-15 minute bouncy ride we were at the first zipline. 
I can’t explain how much fun it was!  It took a little getting used to “flying” from landing to landing, figuring out how to turn yourself while crossing the zipline and how to not come in for the landing on your butt – they told us to start running in place before we landed, which helped most of the time – I think twice out of the 8 ziplines, I came in on my butt.  A few times, I turned towards the end and I thought for sure I was going to come in backwards.  Luckily our guides, Pete and Patrick were right there to help catch us.  Once when I came in, I landed but then as I was trying to walk up the ramp, my feet barely touched the ground. 
There were 8 ziplines altogether.  The shortest was about 400 feet and the longest one was 1200 feet.  Most of them were over so quickly, which was a bummer.  The 1200 foot one only took about 30 seconds as you’re zipping rather quickly. 
 460 462 464 465
The view of Ka’anapali
466  468
Here I go!!
470 471 473 474 475  477
The view of downtown Lahaina
478 479
Looking over at Lanai
480 482 483 484 485
As you’ll notice in some of the pictures of the start of each zipline, there are stairs, that you just walk down until you’re in the air and zipping.  Well not this one.  Notice that it’s a ramp.  I was the lucky one that got to go first.  You had to get strapped in, where Scott is standing, and then walk back up to where that HUGE pole is.  From there you run down to the end of the ramp and jump.  OMG!!  It was scary and crazy and exciting all in one!! 
486 487 488
Hiking down to the next zipline
489 490
Nice, graceful landing
Our guides Pete and Patrick. 
What an awesome experience this was!  I highly recommend it, if you ever get the chance!


Greene Family said...

How exciting!! I would LOVE to go ziplining, especially in a beautiful place like Maui! Pretty pictures! That's a great picture of you and Scott!

Emily said...

You are so brave! What an amazing experience! I'm such a chicken, I don't know if I'd have the courage to do that! The views are incredible.

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