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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maui – Pool time!

We spent a lot of our time enjoying the pool which is right out the door from the condo – ok maybe 100 steps.  I was able to get a few trips down there by myself with only my book in hand – and of course my sunscreen. 
Caty is a little apprehensive about going underwater – ok, so she doesn’t like it at all.  She wears earplugs because of her tubes and is always so worried that they are going to fall out.  Finally towards the end of our trip, we convinced her to jump off the side with her floaty on.  She did and had fun.
Hanna loved being in the water – enjoyed her floaty as well as being tossed up into the air and splashing down.  Her favorite spot was on the steps either walking or crawling from one end to the other, standing and stomping her feet or playing with some water toys.
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And a few pictures of Caty in the pool back in 2006 when we were in Maui the last time – notice the same pink polka dot and light pink with flower bathing suits that Hanna’s wearing from above.
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Kim said...

Oh my goodness! Such cuteness in this post. I think that Caty liked the water more as a baby. Don't worry Pres is not a fan of going under either. I am finally graduating him to showers! I love the comparison pics but the girls look a lot alike!

Destini said...

So cute! I am loving the Caty flashback pictures! BTW, I did some online research, and if we are in the pool or other "clean" water, I don't do earplugs for Trace. Pretty much, unless there is a ton of pressure (going deep underwater) then the water won't enter the tube. We've never had any issues, and he is CONSTANTLY jumping off the side.

Greene Family said...

So cute!! The girls look like they had so much fun in the pool, and their sun hats are adorable! Love the pictures of Caty from 2006 - looks like she had the time of her life!
BTW - When Simon had tubes, his ENT doc told us that we did not need to use earplugs for the bath or pool.

Emily said...

I love seeing the baby pictures of Caty! I finally convinced my two to get off the steps and swim, now I just need them to understand how fun it would be to jump off the side! They're not buying it yet!! I got the same advice from our ENT as Jenn and Destini - no tubes needed for pool or bath water, definitely made swimtime much easier.

Lisa said...

Loving the pictures. And looking back at baby ones is always so sweet. I agree with everyone about the tubes. Our ENT said the same stuff. Liz turned 6 this summer, and this was really the summer she LOVED the water the most. The key was finding a pool where she could TOUCH the ground. Then she had the confidence that she needed and she was literally a fish. If you can find one shallow enough for Caty where she can touch - she'll feel more comfortable.

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