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Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Friday – October 7th 2011

On this Friday I thought that I’d flashback to various trips to the pumpkin patch over the years.


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2009 – trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch with Caty’s preschool

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Caty and her BFF’s – Kylie and Aubrey – preschool, then kindergarten and now 1st grade together.


2008 – Preschool Field Trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch

100_6157 100_6144

2007 – LPA Pumpkin Patch event

100_3420 100_3427 100_3413 - Copy

2006 – LPA Pumpkin Patch

Aidan going in for a hug

100_0608 100_0589 100_0590 100_0593 100_0598 100_0599 100_0602

2005 – Our first ever LPA event

DSC02098 DSC02096 DSC02097


Kerri said...

LOVE THE PUMPKIN PATCH!! We go to bishops too, do you think the LPA will meet up this year?? If not maybe we can meet you guys there. We usually try and go on Friday's (less busy!)

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

OMG! What fabulous pics! I love the pics of Caty and Aidan! So adorable! Such beautiful daughters you have!

Emily said...

I love the pumpkin pics through the years! Adorable! And nothing beats seeeing baby Caty and Aidan together...too cute!

Caden and Mommy said...

Cute Post .... I cant wait to Caty and Aidan are 15 and you embarass them with all of these adorable pictures of the two of them :o)

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