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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Country in the Park

What an amazing but LONG day Caty and I had at Country in the Park. 

It started around 8:30 when Shelly (who is Aaron’s -from the CGB- mom) showed up to join us for the day.  Then Melissa (who is Nikkos’ – from the CGB – girlfriend) showed up about 9:00.  We met the band at Rachel Cameron’s (who did the photography for the fundraiser) house – luckily she lives about 2 minutes from us.  Shelly and Melissa had to get their tickets for the show from the guys. 

This year Country in the Park took place at Gibson Ranch which is less than 2 miles from our house.  Took us awhile to get in but luckily the friends we were meeting there are the merchandise sellers for the CGB and were allowed to pass through the line – we managed to be able to get in the handicap line and only waited about 5 minutes. 

There is no seating at Gibson Ranch just lots and lots of grass – we luckily got through the gates quickly and found a spot about 50 feet from the stage.



This is how close we were!!

Up first, my friends, the Chris Gardner Band










025    039 042 043 050 055 071 072 


Joey – never get any pictures of him cause he’s always hidden being the drummer – these next couple pictures were taken by Rachel Cameron – after photographing our LPA Fundraiser she talked with Chris and ended up being able to take pictures of them all day at Country in the Park.

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Look at that crowd – my friends playing for a sold out show to 17,000!!  So incredibly proud of them!


Country in the Park took place on Sunday September 11th so lots of patriotism throughout the whole day.


The National Guard playing the National Anthem


A balloon release – one balloon for ever person who lost their lives on 9/11 – We’ll never forget!



And now onto some of the other artists who took the stage

Jaron and the Long Road to Love – Pray for You


Love and Theft – Dancing in Circles and Runaway

103 106

Steve Holy – Love Don’t Run (this recording is actually from Country in the Park) and Brand New Girlfriend



Brett Eldredge - Raymond


Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Close Fall Off, The ImpossibleGimmie that Girl, I’ll Wait For You

130 136 155

Billy Currington – Let Me Down Easy, Must Be Doin Something Right, People Are Crazy

175 178

Sitting a little ways behind us were one of Caty’s friends from her Kindergarten class – sure helped pass some time


Caty, Shelly and Aaron


Caty and Shelly


Working on her Hidden Pictures book


Staying cool with the spray bottle


Even with all the noise she still managed to read about half of her Junie B book. 


Kelly, Joey, Chris and Sandy


Sandy and Dwight


What a long but amazing show!!  Not to mention it took us almost 2 hours to drive the less than 2 miles home.  If they have it at Gibson Ranch again next year, we’ll be walking!!


Emily said...

What an awesome, awesome day with a fabulous lineup! Sounds like a blast!

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