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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Can’t Believe That She’s 5 – Part II

After much anticipation, here’s part II from Caitlyn’s 5th birthday. 


We had a great turnout – could be because we invited way too many kids!  What can I say – Caty has LOTS of wonderful friends! 

I had gotten the great idea of doing “stations” from one of Caty’s friends birthday party’s.  We had 4 tables set up and it definitely made things move more quickly, plus my previous career as a preschool teacher helped.  Scott mentioned after the party that it was funny to hear my “teacher voice” come back out.  Thanks to my mom, along with Scott’s mom and sister, and my friend Farah for manning the tables!!

Let the decorating begin!!


002 003 004 005 006 007 008

And of course we had to decorate Hanna too!

072 068

Caty patiently waiting for her friends to arrive…


And Kim, this one if for you, because you remembered after all this time!  Love you!


Literally the same pose – 3 years apart! 

Let the party begin!! 095 096


Decorating their goodie bags with polka dots 102 103

Table #1 – cupcake decorating


Table #2 – button making


Table #3 – bookmark making and coloring a picture for Caty (her name with polka dots – and each child colored one for her as a keepsake)


Table #4 – party hat and dot art painting

107 109

Daddy and Hanna hanging out


Time for presents!

 116 118 121 123 125 128 130 132 135 136

Caty and Izabel!


Caty and her friends!  Yes, there are 18 of them there and that is even missing Hanna and Emma from the picture!


Cupcake time!! 141 143 145

Caty and Natalie 149

Caty and Aidan


Family picture time   170

The girls with Tutu and Auntie Christine


The girls with my parents


Papa and his girls


EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING was polka dots!


Thanks so much to everyone for their love that they have shown us.  We love you all!


Kara said...

What a fun party theme idea...I can tell she had a blast! Thanks for sharing the joy:-)

Mandy said...

That looked like a lot of fun. Caity was smiling the whole time. You could tell she was excited and having such a good time!

The Wymer Clan said...

Wow. You definitely throw a party! LOL! I'm more of the let the kids run around and play, eh we'll eat come cake, do the presents, whatever type of planner! I think my favorite pic was the collage where she was doing the exact same thing at age 2 as age 5...too cute!

Kim said...

I AM SO EXCITED about that picture collage! When I saw your FB post I couldn't wait to check it out! And wow-how grown up. It's so awesome to watch our kids grow up and see really how much they have transformed from babies into little amazing people. She is just precious.
You are one heck of a party designer! I think I may steal some ideas for "stations" at Preston's next party. Since he is December and it's cold here I will rent out the clubhouse in the development.
Such amazing pictures and I love the family shot of all of you. I am still watching the flights and dates for Nashville because we need to get the kids together and I really want to meet you in person!

Melissa Swartley said...

What a great time!!! I just love all the polka dots! Cute pedicures too!!! Great photo's! Happy Birthday Caty!!!

Leong Family's said...

Caity is so lucky to have you. Her smiling face from the picts tell that she enjoyed all the little & big things that happen around her. Happy Birthday Caity!!

Emily said...

What a super-fun party for a beautiful birthday girl! I love the theme and the stations are a great idea. Caty is such a special girl, it's no wonder she has so many terrific friends!

Greene Family said...

WOW - What an awesome birthday party for a sweet girl!! Caty is beautiful in her birthday dress! I love the collage of her looking out the window now and three years ago - so cute! Hanna is adorable with her polka dot decorations! Love the family pics!
How long did it take you to cut out all of those polka dots?! I love that even your toenails had polka dots! The stations are a great party idea! Caty certainly has a lot of good friends . . . I think her smile is like a magnet!

Destini said...

What an awesome party for an awesome girl!!!! The kids look like they had a blast, the stations are awesome! Love, love, love the polka dot nails, maybe I'll do Tay's like that this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yeah WOOW 4 years old!!!!!! were has the time gone!!! I love the nails absolutely fabulous...being a nail tech and all:-) I happy you had a great day and may all your dreams come true Mwah and Love form Char and Leah

Little Jaden BIG World said...

Wow you are so creative And 1 heck of a Mom hope the day was as much fun as it looked from the Pictures Jaden and I love stopping by to read Happy Late Birthday to Caitlyn

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