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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – March 8th

FOR TODAY 3/8/10

Outside my window...   I’m watching the blossoms falling off of the trees.  There are still so many more still on.  If they were to all fall off, we’d have enough on the ground to look like a blanket of snow.  I’m also looking at the empty bird feeders and thinking that I should really refill them.  Caitlyn loves watching the birds when they come and eat.  I think that Hanna will like it too.  Maybe later today or tomorrow I’ll get it done.

I am thinking...   Lots of things – why does my cat think that he needs to attack me all the time?  He’ll come up and rub on my leg and I’ll give him a pet, then all of a sudden he’ll jump on me, claws out and bite me.  Just a minute ago I let him in from outside.  He came over and stretched up to get a pet.  I turned back to the computer and all of a sudden he jumped on my back and actually tried to bite the back of my head. 

Another thing on my mind – what can I do to get Hanna to sleep through the night?  She’s now 9 months old and I can count on one hand the times that she’s slept all night long.  Last night she woke up around midnight and cried for an hour and a half before I finally went in.  And the only reason I went in is because Caty had gone to bed not feeling well and I didn’t want Hanna' waking her up.  Hanna has no problem falling asleep at naptime and at bedtime, but when she wakes up during the night, she can’t fall back asleep on her own.  And then when she wakes up from her nap or in the morning, she’s perfectly happy in her crib for 45 minutes talking.  She’s been going to bed around 7:00 but honestly is ready around 5:30/6:00.  So tonight we’re going to try putting her down extra early and see what happens.  I’ve read that problems with sleeping can be because they are over tired, which with Hanna , if she’d take a decent nap routinely, she might not be so tired at night.  Any suggestions? 

I am thankful for...   My family!  Each and every one of them! 

From the kitchen...  Not much going on in the kitchen – I see a few cupboards that I forgot to close the doors on, but besides that, not much else to report.

I am wearing...   Exercise pants and a fleece sweatshirt.  Hoping at some point today I’ll get some exercise in.  It might happen this afternoon, or tonight after the girls are in bed and I can get on the Wii Fit with no interruptions. 

I am creating...   our next newsletter for our LPA Chapter.  Working on getting info and articles plugged in.

I am going...  to go and get Hanna, who’s happily talking in her bed (see what I mean).  Then we’re going to go and pick Caty up at preschool in about 30 minutes.  Then we’ll come home for a quick lunch, some quiet time and then it’s off to speech at 2:00 – Mondays  are so busy!

I am reading...   a book that I can’t really get into – so much so that I can’t even recall what it’s called.  I think it’s time to put that one down and start something new. 

I am hoping...   to get some yard work done this week.  We’ve got Caitlyn’s birthday party in 2 weeks and I want to get some of the weeds pulled and maybe some flowers planted.

I am hearing...   Hanna talking to her bear that’s in her crib.  I also hear the TV that I’m not watching. 

Around the house...  I see toys, lots of toys; everywhere, in every room!  And to think, Caitlyn’s 5th birthday is in less than 2 weeks and she’ll be getting lots more toys – where are we going to put everything?  AHH!!

One of my favorite things...   is spending time with family!  Doesn’t matter where we are, although I do love spending that family time either at the family cabin or in Maui – here’s a link to my parents condo in Kaanapali if anyone every needs a condo to rent.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Speech later today, not much tomorrow – canceled a lunch date because of Caty not feeling well.  Wednesday Caty’s preschool is heading to Wacky Tacky for a field trip – should be fun.  Thursday we have playgroup at the park because it’s supposed to be nice.  Friday, more preschool.  Saturday I’m heading to the JBF Consignment Sale with my friend Farah.  Hanna is pretty well stocked for summer, but I’m hoping to find Caty some shirts, short and tanktops. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...



Caden and Mommy said...

Caty is going to be five soon ~ Wow! Caden is a week away from three and I hear ya on the gifts. I seriously want to tell everyone NO gifts! But what kind of Mom would that make me? Guess I will have to settle for living in Toys R Us! sigh!

Kasia and Amelia said...

What a great post Jamie! I love the picture of three of you, soooo super sweet! I am also struggling with Amelia's night sleep. I feel for you! Amelia is 13 months and she wakes up 2-3 times every night and still wants to nurse! I was doing the same thing as you - letting her cry and picking her up only when I felt sorry for my husband or Ollie but - I've recently read (book by Dr. Sears) that letting the baby cry it out causes lost of trust. I still do it but do not let her cry long as she is getting more persistent and mad (not to mention the miserable sweeting) I am slowly building her acceptance of being alone in the crib and learning to fall asleep. I continue to teach her giving her a chance to finally fall asleep but if she definitely fights it I find ways to comfort her (even if that means rocking her to sleep...) and it works. Just like Hanna - Amelia can fall asleep when I put her to bed around 8, she cries maybe 5 minutes. So it's a working progress but much more complicated that it was with Ollie! I am reading a book by Dana Obelman - "Sleep Sense" I strongly recommend! Once I learn more about this art of teaching my child fall asleep (and more importantly sleep through the night!) I will let you know. Good luck!!! And be patient. Eventually everybody learns that, right?
Happy 5th Birthday Caty!

Greene Family said...

Love this!
I can't believe you have blossoms falling off of your trees! I'm so excited for spring to arrive here.
I'm sorry, but I'm chuckling about your cat . . . I know that's so not nice, but it reminds me . . . my in-laws had a crazy cat that used to do the same to my mother-in-law. She would be standing at the sink washing dishes and the cat would jump on her back and claw and bite her. Anyway, you must really love your cat for it to still be living with you!
I wish I had a suggestion for you for Hanna's sleeping. Hopefully, putting her to bed a little earlier helped!
You have a beautiful family! I love that picture of you and the girls!
Such a sweet sound! I love listening to Jude when he first wakes up and is so talkative and happy as can be!
Wow - I can't believe that Caitlyn is going to be 5! Good luck getting your yard work done!
That sounds familiar too . . . toys everywhere, in every room!
We are keeping your parents' condo in mind for whenever we make it back to Kaanapali!
Hope you are having a great week!

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