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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Story Time with Caitlyn

As some of you saw my recent post on Facebook, Caitlyn has started learning how to read.  She got a set of books from her Auntie Christine and Uncle Cliff what she just loves – My Little Pony I Can Read Phonics Fun.  She is able to read most of the words and is learning to sound the others out.  She’ll be reading really well by the time she starts Kindergarten in August.
Sit back and enjoy the story.


Melisa said...

Oh my goodness! I am so proud of you Caitlyn. Can you come over and show Aidan what you know. I don't think watching you read on a video is enough.

Lisa said...

I know - it's sooo freaken incredible how much kids can do now days. YAYY!! I don't think most of us were reading until 7. In Kindergarten, Liz has to read books to the entire class - with enthusiasm, props and even showing the pages.

Emily said...

Wow! Great job, Caitlyn! You are a fantastic reader!

Destini said...

Awesome reading Caty! Tay was reading really well when she started Kindergarten too, and they claim she is probably reading at a 4th grade level a little over halfway through, so you're off to a good start! Just make sure they have extra worksheets and the like for her to do in K so she doesn't get bored!

Greene Family said...

Way to go, Caty!! That was awesome! I'm so impressed!

Anonymous said...

I read early too and was said to be on an about 4th grade level by 1st grade. My teacher would send me to the 4th grade class to get their "Book of the Month" order form where you could order books. The thing I remember most about that was this teacher was exceptionally tall and of course I was exceptionally small. He would stand me up on a table and tell the whole class why I was there. Just a bit intimidating. Congratulations Caty!!!

Spokane WA

Little Jaden BIG World said...

Wow Caitlyn is doing so well thanks for the video of her reading im happy to see her doing so well. I can't believe how well she talks Only wish Jaden would talk more then he does.
well i have missed reading updates about you and caitlyn and your fam.
Lots of support and love
Paris, Tn
soon to be Michigan

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