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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – April 12th


FOR TODAY – April 12th

Outside my window...  it’s pitch black, considering it’s almost 11 PM

I am thinking...  that I should be heading to bed – never know if someone is going to be waking me up – knock on wood, I think that it’s been a few nights that both girls have slept all night long – I know, I probably just jinxed myself

I am thankful for... chapstick, my lips are pretty chapped today – thanks to the wind and rain we’ve had ALL DAY!!

From the kitchen... the rocky road ice cream was calling my name, but I opted for an apple instead – YAY ME!

I am wearing...  my jammies and fuzzy bathrobe

I am creating...  an info sheet (well, I’m starting it tomorrow) that we’ll need at Caitlyn’s IEP meeting on Monday (the 19th)

I am going...  to bed soon.

I am reading... about weaning a nursing baby.  Gotta get that accomplished before we leave for Nashville, as Hanna is not coming along.  She’s down to nursing just in the morning and at bedtime.  She will (FINALLY) drink out of a bottle and today I found a sippy cup that she’ll drink from.  But I’ve tried formula and she won’t drink that – don’t blame her, that stuff smells NASTY!!.  She’ll drink water and watered down apple juice from the cup.  Now I’ve just got the stop the two feeds that remain.  Do I just totally cut out the morning feeding or should I decrease the amount of time every day that she nurses?  I think that I’m going to cut the time down and see over the next week how it goes.  I’m really hoping that once she turns 1 and can drink cow’s milk, she’ll go for that.  Caitlyn didn’t and it took FOREVER for her to drink milk and she’ll only drink Chocolate milk, thanks to Nesquick, it’s not as bad as adding the chocolate syrup to her milk.  Anyways, as I digress, I’ve been reading about how to wean.

I am hoping... that it’s sunny tomorrow.  We have gotten so much rain over the last 2 days.  Caty has a plastic tub in the backyard that has outside toys in, and we had it out because a few days ago it was close to 70.  It’s got a good 2 inches of rain in the bottom, just since yesterday.

I am hearing...  the sounds of Scott typing away on his laptop – he’ll be finishing up his Master’s on April 26th.  Been going through the online program since August of 2008 – it’s going to be SO nice once he’s done and isn’t up until 12:30/1:00 every night working on stuff.

Around the house...  it’s very quiet, although I think that I can hear the bed calling my name – it’s now 11:15. 

One of my favorite things...  at this very moment – sleeping kids!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Tomorrow the girls and I are off to do something for Scott’s birthday, which is Friday.  Can’t share it yet, just incase, for some strange reason he reading my blog.  Need to call Kaiser tomorrow because Hanna still has really yucky goopy eyes.  Going to find out if she should be taking some drops or what.  When she had her 6 month checkup, her doctor said that if they don’t clear up by her 1st birthday, then he’ll take some action.  Well, my mom did some reading online about goopy eyes and it’s possible that they are infected.  So I’m going to call and see what we should do.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Riding the carousel with Nana at Happy Hallow Park in San Jose.



Jaime said...

Ok, so I did it! Jinxed myself! Hanna woke up just as I crawled in bed. Ahh!!

Laura Wolf said...

First, no fair that you have the option to not take Hanna (although I know you will miss her terribly.) Gives you more free time and flexability. I would suggest getting off the night feeding first since that is the hardest. She will do better all around if she has a new pattern for going to bed down before you leave for your trip. Can't wait to see you in Nashville

Greene Family said...

Sorry to hear you jinxed yourself.
Yay for Hanna taking a bottle and a sippy cup now! I know you must be relieved. I would decrease the amount of time she nurses each day. Good luck! Hopefully, she'll do well with drinking cow's milk after she turns 1!
Yay for Scott finishing his Master's in a couple of weeks!
Cute picture of Caty and her Nana!

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