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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So very Thankful!

Looking back into the month of November and FINALLY getting around to blogging again…been a busy Christmas break with not much time to do much.

The two things I am most thankful for!!!


Scott’s dad came down from Reno and met us at my parents for Thanksgiving. 

The girls and Grandpa


Hanna helping Papa roll the crescent rolls


Family picture time


The girls and my parents


The day after Thanksgiving we hopped in the car and headed to Chico for lunch at our favorite sandwich place (Kona’s) and a quick visit to the Chico State sign.  Scott and I were both attending Chico and met in the Spring of 1998.

019 020 022 023 024 025

From Chico we headed out to Orland where Scott’s aunt, uncle, grandma and cousins live.  We weren’t the only visitors that day…in all there were about 30 family members there for dinner!!

Grandpa and his girls


All the cousins and a few adults to make the picture happen


Tutu (Scott’s mom) and her girls


What a busy two days we had…but so thankful for family!


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